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West Virginia Vliesleyan College 






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of eKcellence." 

yi Vlission 

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West Virginia Wesleyan College 

59 College Avenue 

Buckhannon,WV 26201 

Enrollment: 1522 

raditions are the passing of information, beliefs, and customs by word of 

mouth or by example, from one generation to another. West Virginia 

I Wesleyan College has many unwritten traditions which are continued as 

each year passes. 
Wesleyan students enjoyed participating in a wide variety of these traditions. 
Many of the most popular traditions were seasonal, such as Orientation, 
Homecoming, Christmas on Campus, Spring Sing, and Graduation. Several of the 
Wesleyan traditions definitely exceeded the expectations of the campus 
community. For example, Christmas on Campus was a community service event 
which benefited the children of Buckhannon and the surrounding area. 
Graduation was a timeless tradition which honored the graduates of Wesleyan at 
the end of spring. Events such as these are engrained in the institution of West 
Virginia Wesleyan College. 

Greek Week at Wesleyan 
definitely brings out 
some of the best facial 
expressions the student 
body has to offer. As 
Theta Xi competes in the 
tug-of-war competition 
several of the brothers 
cheer on their teammates 
to pull harder. Greek 
Week is one of the most 
popular traditions for the 
Greek organizations. 


Left: Spring Sing is a tradition at Wesleyan like no 
other. It is a time when the campus organizations 
get an opportunity to show off their musical 
talents. A theme is voted on by the student body 
and then announced during Homecoming 
Weekend. The groups then perform in the chapel 
and are Judged based upon ditVerent criteria. 
(For more on 2004 Spring Sing see pages 12 and l.'l.) 

Above: Welcome Home: Homecoming in the 
Hills 2004 was the theme for the traditional 
homecoming weekend. October 1 5- 1 7 saw several 
exciting events take place. On Friday, registration 
and the James Myers golf classic occurred. 
Saturday was busy with such events as the spirit 
walk, football game, coronation ceremonies, and 
the alumni banquet. Finally, the weekend 
wi'apped up with the annual Homecoming Chapel 
Service. Photos bv Paul Roncone 

Nothing brings out the Christmas 
spirit at Wesleyan like the annual 
Hanging of the Greens. Several 
Wesleyan students volunteer their 
time to help decorate the Chapel 
for the holiday. 

From Founder's Day 

Convocation to the halftime 
ceremonies. Homecoming at 
West Virginia Wesleyan is a time 
of excitement and anticipation for 
current students and alumni. 

During the annual Awards 
Convocations, Bess Park 
Reynolds awai^ds Kaitlyn 
Rexrode with an award for 
performance in both theatre and 

Open in ii 

Wesleyan traditions represent a wide variety of 
campus life activites. From orientation to 
graduation, the Wesleyan community celebrates a 
full academic year from August to May. 
Highlighted traditions include Greek Week, 
Bacalaureate, Graduation, and Orientation. 


Whether on the playing field, 
in the classroom, or singing in 
the choir, Wesleyan students 
receive recognition for their 
outstanding performances. 

Achievements at West Virginia 
Wesleyan College support the 
college's mission for students 
who exceed expectations. 
Photos bv Paul Ronconc 


Right: The cold weather did not keep the Greeks from 
continuing a long tradition of fundraising at the 
homecoming game. One sorority member gives her 
valuable time to teter-tot for Zeta Tau Alpha's philanthropy. 

Senior King and Queen Nominees Neil 
Salujali and Brianna Barton wait 
anxiously to see if they had been chosen 
as the queen and king. Both agreed it 
was an honor to just be nominated. 

The 2005 Homecoming King and 
Queen. Jeff Isner and Kristen 
But term ore, pose for homecoming 
pictures. Both students are involved in 
several organizations on campus. 

Campus walkways adorn fall colors, 
including Homecoming banner. 
Alumni enjoy revisiting the campus, 
rain or shine. 

_j Homecoming 

he weather was not favorable; however, the game was exciting and the 
fans were rowdy because it was Homecoming. The rain was 
overshadowed by the death of a classmate and friend Scott Stein. The 
football team responded in Stein's absence as they, and the rest of 
campus, dedicated the weekend to Scott and won their game. 

I was fortunate enough to win Homecoming King and I could not have been 
more appreciative. Kristen Buttermore was crowned Queen; Kristen and I were 
lucky enough to get the only rays of sunshine the entire day during the halftime 

The team played great and exploited WV Tech in the second half, which turned 
into a blowout; the fans were there for it all, amongst the hail storms. This 
Homecoming was a day that could have been miserable because of the events 
preceding that day; however, the campus turned misery into extraordinary. As the 
weekend was dedicated to Scott, the campus family became closer. Homecoming 
at Wesleyan was something that every student would remember for a lifetime! 

Copy by Jeffhner 

Left: To kick off 
Homecoming Weekend, 

members of tlie faculty, staff, 
and student body file into 
Wesley Chapel on Friday 
afternoon for the traditional 
Founder's Day Convocation. 
This event marks the renewal 
of Wesleyan's heritage. 


hristmas on Campus is an annual tradition at West Virginia Wesleyan 
College. Christmas is a season of loving and sharing, and Wesleyan's 
students showed this like no other. Christmas on Campus is a special day 
set out of the Christmas season in order to show a love for the children of 
Upshur County. 

The day involved hours of planning and activites. The organizations of WVWC 
set up booths, each of which had a different activity, such as face painting and 
making Christmas decorations. The children were able to go to each booth and 
spend their day making various crafts and playing an assortment of games. The 
children were divided into small groups, which were led by volunteers from 
Wesleyan. The volunteers led their groups from booth to booth, and at the end of 
the day, they took them to their special treat-Santa Claus, when each child was 
presented with a bag full of gifts from Santa. 

The excitement experienced by each child during Christmas on Campus was 
what prompted the Wesleyan students to participate. The expression of love and 
happiness caused a sense of pride in each and every person involved. 

Left: Several of the children 
from the local community 
visit campus during the 
annual Christmas on Campus 
event. Many of the sororities 
host different activites for the 
children to participate in. 
Here. Rappa Phi sisters have a 
craft project they are helping 
the children complete. 

hristmas on Campus 

Left: Melissa Mailin cnjo\'S helping with Christmas on 
Campus. Slie enjoys working with young children and 
making sure they have a great time. Here, Megan looks 
on as one child colors his handmade stocking. 

Above: One student takes time to make sure the wreath 
is wired correctly so that the greens will stay attached 
properly. Hanging of the Greens is an annual event held 
every December on Wesleyan"s campus. The event 
allows for students to celebrate the spirit of Christmas 
while taking time to decorate Wesley Chapel. 
Photos hv Paul Roncone. 

Wcanng gloves to keep trom gettmg al 
scratched up. Richard Tench tosses in 
the greens so the other volunteers can 
start making the decorations. 

lelissa Younkin takes time out of her 
busy schedule to help prepare for 
Hanging of the Greens. Melissa is 
lending a hand to prepare the garland for 
the annual hanging. 

This Wesleyan student looks 
overwhelmed at the task of decorating 
the Chapel for Christmas. Many hours 
of student labor result in this wonderful 

Chnstmcui on Lampii 

Over the past year the Theatre Arts 
Department at West Virginia Wesleyan 
College was at it again. With such 
productions as "Anything Goes", 
"Pippin". and the traditional 
"Danceworks" performances, the students 
and faculty spent several hours 
auditioning and practicing for the big 

■ Standing on the front steps 
of the Administration 
Building and gazing across 
College Avenue, one can see 
the grassy lot where a long- 
time dream is getting closer 
to becoming reality. It is at 
this site where the new 
Virginia Thomas Law 
Center for the Performing 
Arts will be built. During 
Homecoming Weekend, an 
announcement was made 
that alumnus John M. Law 
'40 made the lead gift to 
name the performing arts 
center in memory of his wife 
Virginia. Groundbreaking 
ceremonies included the 
traditional golden shovels 
and several honored guests. 

Right: Kappa Phi's 
banner was awarded first 
place for tlie second year 
in a row at the annual 
Spring Sing competition. 
The girls from Kappa 
Phi spend numerous 
houis each year 
preparing their banner to 
ensure that it is perfect 
before being judged. 
Center: Spring tulips 
frame the popular 
campus center which 
serves as a focal point for 
campus life all year 

Right: Alpha Gamma 
Delta takes back Spring 
Sing with an outstanding 
performance of counti^ 
music during this year's 
competition. The Gams' 
banner proudly 

represents their sorority's 
mascot, the squirrel. 

■J Spring Sing 

Right: The annual crowning of the Spring Sing 
king and queen took place before the singing 
competition began. The 2005 king and queen 
were Eli Kinser and Julie Miles. 

Above: Just before taking the stage to perform 
their songs for the Spring Sing competition, the 
boys of Chi Phi showoff their outfits. The 
theme for this year's competition was Counti"y 
Boots and Country Roots. 

Trying to get the audience to 
partiqiate in their act, one of Chi 
Phi's brothers peforms part of his 
dance moves in the aisle of the 
chapel. Audience participation 
accounts for part of the final score. 

Seniors Heidi Burger and Jacob 
Steele were nominated for Spring 
Sing king and queen. Although 
they did not receive the honor, both 
enjoyed participating in the 
coronation ceremony. 

President Haden prepares to open 
the envelope so he can announce 
the 2005 Spring Sing queen. 
President Haden enjoys being 
involved with a variety of aclivites 
on the college campus. 

^yi !/.',l; 

President Haden, who this spring announced liis 
retirement for the 2006 academic year, 
continues the tradition of welcoming incoming 
freshmen and their parents during orientation 
weekend. From winter to spring, the campus 
stays alive with student activities. 
Photos by Paul Roncone 

President's Convocation welcomed returning students 
to spring semester. President Haden and the Wesleyan 
community honored two current Wesleyan students 
who returned from military duty in Iraq. Danny 
Marple, sophomore education major, and junior Jake 
Bergeron, political science and history major, will 
return full-time to classes in the fall. The spring 
semester's expectations were inclusive of Greek Week 
competition and spring sports' championships. 

^ntpUs Lije 

exultation (n) - rejoicing in triumph 


Senior Divider 


n the beginning, the class of 2005 
•epresented 400 full-time students, 
10\ females, 199 males, from 24 
itates and four countries. 
Approximately, 250 seniors graduated 
n May 2005. 

rhis class's memories may include the 
bllowing current events and trends: 

• September 1 1 • War on Terrorism 

• Olympics • Reagan's Funeral 

• Presidential Election 

• Yasser Arafat's Death • Tsunami 

• Atkin's Diet • Low-Carb 

► Passion of the Christ • Harry Potter 

► Lord of the Rings • American Idol 

► Final season for The Practice and 

Senior Divider 1 7 

My senior year at West Virginia Wesleyan 
has been an amazing experience. There was 
a lot of excitement and anxiety coming into 
this year and it has made this experience 
one of a lifetime. I was not sure how I 
wanted to remember my senior year or how 
I would leave my legacy. I had certain goals 
that I wanted to achieve before I graduated 
and I was worried if I could achieve them all 
before I left. Well, I think this year went 
above and beyond what I was expecting... 

Above: Senior psychology major Susan Marshall enjoys a nice 
day to study outside. Susan also serves as a tutor for the 
psychology department because of her excellent study habits and 
understanding of the subject. 

Right: Senior Robbie Morris listens to 
advice from Dean of the Chapel Angela 
Gay Kincaid. Robbie serves as 
president of his fraternity and will 
share Dean Kincaid's advice with his 



Left During a senior class social event Katie Morris and Josh 
Gross take time out from conversation for a picture. Both 
seniors will be attending a post-graduate program after Wesleyan. 
Below: Senior Jen Goodrich gets a little excited at the 
homecoming football game. Jen has been a faithful attendant of 
homecoming activites since her freshman year. 

Left President of the College William Haden and senior Jason 
Jackson begin ceremonies during Convocation Weekend for the 
new performing arts building. 

Above: During a senior picnic, Kelly Martin listens as President 
Haden offers advice for life after college. Kelly Martin plans to 
attend seminary after graduation. ^^^^^^^ 



Class of. . 

Only at Wesleyan did I find teammates who worked 
with me, sisters who supported me, friends who 
laughed with me, and a man who loved me. I did not 
expect all of this to happen, but somewhere between 
puUing all nighters and writing my senior thesis it did 
happen. I never imagined playing soccer with All- 
Americans, but my teammates were. I never thought 
going to Chi Phi one night would lead me to mister 
right. I never expected to be in a sorority, but I love 
every single one of my sisters and will forever. I 
know that where ever I go in life it is because of the 
education I received here both in and out of the 
classroom. I learned about communicating and 
politics, but learned more importantly about Ufe. 
Every experience at Wesleyan, good and bad, has 
helped shape me into the person I am today. It is 
because of the wonderful professors, the diverse 
students and the community that lives here that will 
help me achieve my dreams. 

Heidi Burger '05 

Amy Ayonh 

Elizabeth Ballentine 

Jason Brier 

Dans Rfiywn 

Belington, WV 

Melissa Brown 

M,n-) Bnai 



Hcu/i Burger 

April Bumell 

Chester, M 
Athletic T- 

Washington. DC 


'^vmfin I hid.p^ 

Rock Cave. WV 


Erin Bmr 

Masontown, WV 

Tessa Coberly 

Zclicnople, PA 
Graphic Design 

C«^w/i /^« 

East Longmeado 
Elementarv Education_ 



Brighton. United Kingdom 

Kenna, WV 

Erie. PA 
Health Promotions 

Bristol. WV 


Rukmini MacDonald 

Margaret MacLean 

Jacquelyn Mann 

verett, PA 

Elementary Education 

Kimberly Marinich 

umontown, f A 

Music Education 

Susan Marshall 

Elkins. WV 

Kelly Martini 

Grafton. WV 
Christian Education 

Beth Massie 

Stacy McCallen 

Allison McClure 

William McMinn 

24 Seniors 

Erica Milanese 


Alyssa Miller 

Jessica Peah 

Princeton, WV 
Elementary Education 

Angel'ia Pyles 

Maiie Quadras 

Stephanie Reed 

Rivesville. WV 
Music Theatre 

Travis Rnherts 

, ninklin. PA 

Tna IS Riimmtl 



Heather Riinser 

Dustin Schllpp 

Douglas Seckman 

Izitmi Sek'iguchi 

left: Pharos seniors Eric Zeigler and Alice Giles discuss 
preparations for an upcoming news story. Ziegler serves as 
a reporter and Giles serves as the editor for the college 

Below: Robbie Morris, Matt Kritzer, Jeff Isner, Eli Kinser, 
Joshua Gross, and Heather Runser are the senior members 
of the Wesleyan Community Council, 

Above: Seniors Jessica Laughery, Meagan Kanick, Tara Chaney, and 
I Jessica Peak walk to the senior picnic dreaming about graduation. 
Sharing an apartment has made these girls the closest of friends. 

Above: Senior Justin Spratt enjoys giving his time to 
referee for intramural volleyball games. Intramural sports 
at West Virginia Wesleyan are a big part of student life. 




Right Seniors Jessica Peak and Jessica Laughery prepare 
drinks and snacks for a social event. The event took place 
in Nellie Wilson Lounge which serves as a gathering place 
for many of the campus organizations. 
Below: Seniors Susan Marshall and Joshua Gross and 
Junior Jessie Tyler enjoy a movie together in Nellie 
Wilson Lounge. Movies tend to be a large part of every 
college student's life. 

Above: Senior Heather Runser auditions for a spot in the 
top ten of Wesleyan Idol. Heather is involved in several 
music organizations on the Wesleyan campus. 

Above: Senior Chi Phi brothers Matt Kritzer and Brian Berry enjoy 
lunch together when they get the opportunity. Being in a fraternity 
together has helped these two get to know each other very well. 






Daniels. W 
entary Edui 

hippsburg. ME 


Clarksburg, WV 
English Writing 




Right: The Wesley Chapel steeple can be seen from all 
angles of the campus. At 6:00 p.m. the chapel bells play 
various music selections including the Wesleyan Alma 

Below: Annie Memer PfeifFer Library serves as an 
academic resource to the entire college community. 
Students and faculty enjoy easy online access to a variety 
of databases. 

Above: McCuskey Hall houses freshmen women, the art 
department, and the Sleeth Gallery. The lawn in front 
offers plenty of space for winter football. 

Above: Haymond Hall houses the departments of political science, 
history, and sociology. Student Academic Support Services is located 
on the third floor, and computer support services is on the first floor. 

30 Seniors 

Left: The Administration Building serves several purposes. 
It houses the administrative offices, as well as departments 
of theatre, business, education, and communication. 
Below: The Benedum Campus Center serves as the focus 
for student life throughout the academic year. Facilities 
include dining hall, swimming pool, post office, 
publication offices, Surmy Bucks, and the Cat's Claw. 

ibove: Holloway Hall houses upperclass women and four sorority 
uites. From this building students have easy access to the campus 
enter and dining hall. 

Above: The walkway in front of Rockefeller Center has 
special significance. Graduating seniors walk to the 
ceremony and then they leave as part of the Orange Line. 



Scott Fatrick Stein 


"One. more day 

One. more time 

One more sunset maybe I'd be satisfied 

But then again. 

I know what it wouid do, 

Leave me wishing stiff 

For one more day with you. " 

"One More Day " Diamond Rio. Produced by: 

Diamond Rio, 2001. 

5eptem6er 14, 1982 - Odober 10, 2004 


In Memoriam 

en. tors 

...At the end oi^ my junior year, I was 
elected to serve as the senior class president 
and was also chosen as the pledge master for 
my fraternity. Both of these positions were 
going to take a lot of time. However, each 
one of these positions has given me 
something that I will cherish long after my 
graduation. I have also been fortunate 
enough to share my experience with high 
school students by serving as a campus 
ambassador. To top it off, my fellow 
students selected me as the 2005 
Homecoming King. 1 was extremely 
shocked and humbled to receive such an 
award. I was flattered that my classmates 
held me in such high regard. I coasted 
through the rest of the year and had nothing 
else exciting happen. This year would still 
go down as one of the best years of my life. 


Top: Senior JctT Isner gets caught ofF-guard during 
organization pictures. Jeff is involved in several activities on 
campus. Above: Senior Amanda Shockey frequently sports her 
colored hat. Amanda always tries to keep up with the new 
trends and fashions. 

Above: Sara Bays sports her winter attire on a cold winter day. 
Sara is also advertising for the grab-n-go lunch program that the 
college offers during the week. 



expectation (n) - the act of looking forward to 


Underclassmen Divider 


Funiors at Wesleyan were put right in 
he middle of all that matters. Most 
uniors were too old to be distracted 
3y college parties and were beginning 
;o think about their future. 
Sophomores returned with more 
confidence after a challenging first 
/Qav. Freshmen students learned to 
idjust to the campus life and 
established friendships that would last 

\11 underclassmen at Wesleyan 
3articipated in a variety of college 

• Orientation • Freshman Seminar 
[• Undergraduate • Registration 

• Scheduling • Selection of Major 

Underclassmen Divider 35 


Although students spend considerable time 
together, they still retain their individuality. 
These unique differences can be observed in 
the classroom, on the field, or in the 
dormatory. Opportunities for leadership 
roles offer great ways to show the strengths 
of being an individual. Without a doubt, 
the Wesleyan underclassmen experience 
successfully allows students to be 

Above: One of the 2004-2005 freshman seminar groups takes a 
break from its busy schedule at Freshman Orientation to have a 
group photo taken. 

Right: Students and parents pack Wesley Chapel during 
Freshmen Convocation. The event ocurrs annually during 
Orientation Weekend. Photos by Paul Roncone. 

Right: An afternoon break session 
during Orientation Weekend gives 
several freshmen the opportunity to 
rest their feet. Debbie Bush's seminar 
group takes advantage of the front steps 
of Haymond Hall for a few minutes of 
relax tion. 

36 I Underclassmen Candids 

Below: The library on Wesleyan's campus has thousands of 
books for students to choose from. Whether it be for research or 
leisure reading, Annie Memer has it all. 
Photos by Seth Kitzmiller 





Above: Freshman Seth Kitzmiller spends time in Christopher 
Hall of Science studying the aspects of marine biology. Seth is 
from Buckhannon, WV. 

Left: Wesleyan's technology program helps advance the online 
research process. Several students enjoy using the wireless 
internet connection in the library to do their studies. 

Underclassmen Candids 37 

Rebekah Agnew 

James Atkins 

Alicia Bess 


f *> 

Kareen Bilotta 

Tiffany Boeltz 

Jessica Bowman 

Megan Buckalew 

Adam Buckley 

Junior Laura Ellison takes time out of her busy schedule to make Several Wesleyan students participated in the organization fair which took 

birdfeeders out of pine cones. The event was sponsored by the Bonner place at the beginning of the school year. The Campus Activities Board 

Office which provides students several opportunities to be involved in offered students the opportunity to make fishtanks for their dormrooms. 
community service. Pholos by Paul Roncone. 

38 Underclassmen 

»,- --j^ 

Brandon Carder 

Canea Carothers 

Kati Coleman 

Tiffany Conley 

^B >«-■ ^•^ 


Morgan Delaney 

Mike Devenuto 


«. .i mXii. 

Jason Cavey 

Hannah Chnstian 

Janna Crowley 

Benjamin Davisson 

Laura Ellison 

Brenda Friend 


^M T- ■^f^ ^H 

Mary Beth Given 

Caragh Group 

John Guido 

Tyler Harlow 

Underclassmen 39 

Faith Harper 

Crystal Hayden 

Kelly Hayes 

Camolyn Hena 

Cassandra Humphreys 

Brandi Johns 

Caragh Kelley 

Seth Kitzmiller 

During freshman orientation, several new students get an overview on the The campus boolcstore offers students with a variety of Wesleyan 

technology program that Wesleyan offers. Students who enter the college merchandise, which is always a big hit with incoming students. From 

are equipped with a laptop to help enhance their academic performance. sweatshirts to greeting cards, the bookstore has everything a college 

Photos bv Paul Roncone. student needs. 

40 Underclassmen 

Crystal Kramer 


Corey Langley 

Courtney Lemley 


Emily Maditz 

Kiera McKee 

Leonard McLean 

Piper McPherson 

Alex Milanese 

Kosuke Misumi 

Danielle Morris 

Lydia Morris 

Kate O'Brien 




Sadahiro Okada 

Jessica Olcott 

Andrea Pack 

Taran Parsons 

Underclassmen 41 

Right: The cold weather at Wesleyan does not keep 
students from having fun. During a snowy day, the front 
lawn of Wesleyan's campus becomes a football field for 
several students. 

Below: Chris Blake, Courtney Lemley, Lance Lindauer, 
and Jonathan Andrew spend a moment in the sun on a cold 
winter day to plan their activities for the upcomming 

Cell phones have become extremely popular over the past several Amanda Graley and Stephanie Popivchak get caught off-guard as they cross the 

years among college students. If you can't reach friends in their dorm campus oval. Amanda's goofy face seems to tell us that Zetas always have fun. 

or on instant messager, give their cell phone a ring. Chances are you Pholos by Raul Roncone : 

will catch them there. j 

42 Underclassmen 

Christopher Pinilla Wendy Pittman 

Mikaela Poling 

Amy Powelson 

Candice Powers 

Evan Pratt 

Teraria Procknaw Heather Rhoades 

Meagan Richmond Timothy Ricks 

Jessica Riffle 

Jonathan Ritchie 

Robert Rogers 

Paul Roncone 

Tomoe Saeki 

Holly Sears 

Underclassmen 43 

1 -fl^ /TP^ 1 

iJU\if''f/JtiJ- : ■' . - :J 'fjliinilittUHUV; 

Mingma Phuti Sherpa Tsering Dolma Sherpa Esther Simons 

lea -^ 

Erica Smith 

Logan Smith 

Nicholas Smith 

Amanda Sluss 

Sarah Smith 


During Freshmen Orientation junior Jesse Tyler volunteered to make the nametags for The chapel lawn serves as a gathering place for several campus 
the incoming students and their parents. Jesse gives several hours of her time every events. One such event is freshman orientation which takes 
week to volunteer in several campus events. Pholos by Paul Roncone. place three days before classes begin for the fall semester. j 

44 Underclassmen 

W ' 

Michael Spagone 


Eric Stemple 


Brenton Stone 

Christina Swecker 






A- ' 

1 1 

m n 

Richard Tench 

Breann Thompson 

Kelly Underwood 

JiU Walker 

Stephen ZiriUi 





Amanda Shoekey, Tracey Wise, and Alice Giles take a break from advertising the campus newspaper at the 
ogranization fair. Shoekey, Wise, and Giles have all been on the newspaper staff since their freshman year. 

Right: The walkway to Wesleyan's Benedum Campus Center 

is a well-traveled path by all members of the Wesleyan 

community. These students take time out for a quick photo 


Below: Cold days make for a good time to spend with friends. 

A friendship of any kind is definitely a way to warm one's 


Right: Enjoying an outside picnic 
together, two underclassmen students 
take time to pose for the 
Murmurmontis photographer. 
Students seem to enjoy the picnics that 
the campus cafeteria hosts during the 
spring season . 
Photos by Paul Roncone. 

46 Underclassmen Candids 


Below: Several friends enjoy a nice battle in the snow on the 
front lawn of Wesleyan's campus. The cold winter snow does 
not keep Wesleyan students inside for very long. 

V- <--.'• 

1 ^^ 





Above: Several students enjoy a home basketball game in 

Rockefeller Center. Wesleyan's gym is host to several sports 


Left: Heading to lunch on a cold afternoon, students at 

Wesleyan learn to bundle up before heading out. The weather in 

Buckhannon tends to vary from week to week. 

Underclassmen Candids 47 


experience (n) - practice resulting in knowledge 


Academic Divider 


fhe faculty at West Virginia Wesleyan 
pcluded 158 faculty members. With 
[ 15:1 student-faculty ratio, 
jh^esleyan's students received more one- 
)n-one assistance than students at 
arger colleges. 

vlany faculty members also served in 
:^arious other positions on campus. 

Mentor • Coach • Director 
Professor • Advisor • Career 
Executive Assistant • Instructor 

Academic Divider 49 

William R. Haden 
President of the College 

President Haden and his wife Belsy 
greet incoming freshmen and their 
families at the orientation picnic. The 
picnic at his house is a favorite among 
students and facuhy. 

President Haden announces the 
Homecoming King and Queen 
Nominees. Homecoming is a 

meaningful Wesleyan tradition. 
Photos bv Paul Roiuone 

.At the Founder's Day Convocation. 
President Haden announces the 
incoming Board of Trustee members. 
The Convocation formally begins 
Homecoming Weekend. 






Stephen Jones 

\'i(e-President for Financial Affairs 

Larry Parsons 

Interim Vice President for Academic 
Affairs and Dean of the College 

Shirley Fortney 

Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs 

Trina Dobberstein 

\'icc President for Student Aftairs and 
Dean of Students 

Pegg)' Cooning 

Vice President for Ad\ ancement 

R. Duwane Squires 

\'ice President ;uid Chief Iniorniation 



FocuCty & 


^jGnaro'-scnmiti ana ui im v\i 
Department, take a moment during Freshmen 

Orientation Weekend. During tiiis busy weel, ly 

and staff meet and familiarize incoming frcshi le 

Wesleyan community. Below: "'' 

the Founder's Day Comc^^c.^.w... ^. ^ -us 

Homecoming Weekend, many alumni return and are 
deliglwed to renew old memories of their college days. 

Dr. Marvin C'arr makes plans lor a 
Christian Educalion Senior Fi.-liiuoik 1 1 
very rare major thai i 
r'oUi-iu's in the counli". 

i im 091 CiMVti ii*MiMi 

department at Welseyan offer<^ 
^tire campus to attend. Plwio 

e musn 
\ conceits and recitals for th 



Michael Berr 

Kwame Boatev 
History & Political S. 

Dehbie Bush 


Diane Giidii''n^ 

Health t 

leffrey Godwin 



Right: Dr. James Beebyioolcs over a paper worn one i 

histon.' students. Knovwi for his high standards, Dr. Beeby 
■ i orite among students. Below: Just before 

^C„ aion. Dr Means. Or. Smith, and Dr. Bush share a 

'inoment to r success of the Education 

IDepartment. cuucduui. ..> one of the fastc^^' •"•'">ing 
majors on Welseyan's campus. Photos by Pan: 

Katharine Gregg 


^"zanne lid' 

Judith Halle 

Lori Harvey 



Arthur Hoi. 


S.\SS Comprehensive 

Health & Physical Edi 

Alice Leii 

Academic and Career Center 

"s/icni J^eight 


'etchen Lxnii 

William Mahnney 

William M 

Paul Mangen 

Head Swimming Coach 

Faculty /Staff 



rmance. Dr. Sabak is 
given flowers and recognized by her students as well as the 
audience. Dr. Sabak has a musieal arts degree in piano 
perfonnance and is one of the best pianists in West 
i'irginia. Below:Dean of Students Trina Dobberstein 
watches the homecoming football game with many oth^ 
Wesleyan fans. At the homecoming game, Wesley; 
defeated WVU Tech 55-13. Photos by Paul Roncone ' 

Dr. Warner and Dr. 
President's Convocalinn Tr-i 
with the highest tenu; 


(he laculiy member speech at the Founder's Day Convocation. Kinkead has been DeaiMjl 
the Chapel at Wesleyan for three years. 



sti Masmi 

SASS Comprehensive 

Pa? McQti 

Librar\' Science 

Judith McKinney 


Cam/ Me 


Vu-ki Phillips 

Helen Nlellqiii rrM 

^^^^■UPl'iJj- Miller 

Karen Petitto 

\caclemic and Carec 

Education & Men's Basketball 

Computer Science 


Bert Popson 

Physics & Engineering 

Nancy Porter 

Writing Cci 
ESL Program Coordinator 

Faculty /Staff 


Tacuity St 

Munnurinontis photo^5pne?1W™orne football game. . 

Skinner's friendly face can be seen all over campus often 

with prospective students. Below: At the m 

, Convocation, speakere await the faculty proces; le 

Convocation, freshmen and their families are treated to the 
''song "My Home /Vmong the Hills" and a performance ol' 

the Alma Mater by the Concert Chorale. 

Photos bv Paul Roncone . 







' 'I '-if i 

' ' lA 

; / 

'-'-*>••« -x-^ 

; the Chapel for the \ 
Creasman enjoys playing the guitar for Wesleyan students in his free time.! 


Wanda Suiger 

Athletic Traiiiiiia 

\/irfnr Th^irhvv 

Marjorie Trusler 
Modern Languages 

Jnhn Wcirner 


Kenneth W.IL 

Ed Wnvrhhr. 



E Faculty TB 
& Staff 1 

Right: Bess Park-Reynolds and Dr. Katherine Glenney share a laugh 
to stay warm while lined up for a convocation procession. With many 
snowy days. Wesleyan students and faculty like to avoid the cold 
weather. Below: Dr. Tom Williams discusses a concept with junior 
Ellen Anderson. Individual attention from professors is one of the 
most appeahng aspects of Weleyan's community. 
Photos hvPaul Roncone 

Right: Biology Lab Coordinator Mai7 
Miller works with sophomore biology 
major Becca Dilley on a laboratory 
experiment. Biology is a very large 
department at Wesleyan, preparing 
many of its students for medical 
Photo hv Scth Kitzmiller 


Faculty /Staff Candids 

Below: Dr. Boyd Creasman researches elements of film 
technology to enhance his classroom discussions in his 
Composition II Film Lab. Dr. Creasman has received the 
Exemplary Teacher's Award in recent years. 
Photos bv Paul Roncone 

Left: Dr. Elizabeth Oppe enjoys small talk with colleagues before the 
President's Convocation. Oppe is a member of the communication 
department. Above: Dr. Debbie Bush converses with a student after 
class. Dr. Bush received her doctorate this past year. 

Faculty/Slajf Candids 


exhilaration (n) - stimulation 


Organizarions Divider 


Each and every student on Wesleyan's 
campus can have a sense of belonging 
in any of the 80 plus organizations the 
college offers. An organization fair 
held at the beginning of the school 
year helped new students identify the 
various groups; there was something 
for everyone. 

Wesleyan's organizations allowed 
students to broaden their overall 
college experience. 

• Involvement • Leadership 

• Responsibilty • Friendships 

• Communication Skills • Experience 

• Membership • Activity 

Organizations Divider 63 

Community Council 

Front Row: Angela Gay Kinkead, Jeff 
Isner, Eli Kinser, Brianne Barton, Josh 
Gross, and Heather Runser; Back Row: 
Matthew Kritzer, Robbie Morris, 
Spencer Hayden, Dr. Rob Hull, Dr. Trina 
Dobberstein, and Joey Book 

Senior Officers 

Front Row: 


Jeff Isner and Matthew 

Right: Craig Eggleton 

and Richard Tench 

recruit potential 

members for Campus 

Crusade for Christ at 

the Organizational 

Fair. The 

Organizational Fair is 

part of an exciting first 

week on campus. 

Photo by; Paul 




Computer Club 

Front Row: Zachary DeLeurere. 
Alicia Buchanan, Jason Foote, Erica 
Milanese, and Kelly Hayes; Back 
Row: Travis Roberts. Ken Negley, 
Adam Engle, Brian Peck, and 
Spencer Hayden 


Psi Chi 


:■ 1 

^^^^^. ^^^^^^^^^^ B^"^ ^P^& 

Front Row: Sallie Richards, Jacob 
Steele, and Ellen Brosh 


V , 

Left Center: Junior 
Euey Hepinger 
emphatically explains 
the joy of playing on 
the lacrosse team. 
Lacrosse is a club sport 
that is supported by the 
team itself. Photo by; 
Paul Roncone 

Left: Matt Tolliver and 
Eli Kinser give their 
time to help paint 
during a Bonner activity. 
It seems as though the 
Bonners at Wesleyan 
enjoy every minute of 
community service. 



Catholic Campus 

Front Row: Amanda Curran, and 
Sarah Anderson; Back Row: Mike 
Shenk, Taylor Daugherty, Father Jim 
McCafferty, and Danielle Morris 

Phi Mu Alpha 

Front Row: Brian O'Neill, Jonathan 
Fredrick, Jerry Callahan, and Brett 
Miller; Back Row: Matthew Becker, 
Nathan Cams, Nicholas Smith, and 
Chris Way 

Right: During 

Christmas on Campus, 

Amberly Davis and 

Rebecca Dilley assist 

the children in making 

arts and crafts 

projects. Christmas 

on Campus is a service 

project to connect the 

Wesleyan campus and 

the Buckhannon 

community. Photo b\^: 

Paul Roncone 






\ > 


Student Art League 

j^ £, 

Front Row: Kelly Vignola. Tabatha 
Nutter. Kadra Kramer, and Melissa 

^^fk ^H 

yi^.'j ^^BS~ 1 

Brown: Back Row: Chris Jennings, 

% 9 \ J^l 

BMnri j^^H 

Devin Higgins. and Barry Miller 





Front Row: Ricky Bergen, Monica 
Henkkit. Leah Erenrich, Liann 
Gottschling. and Lori CofFman; 
Back Row: Josh Norman, Danielle 
Blonar, Jason Gumey, and Jason 

Left Center: Juniors 
Jessica Peak and Jessie 
Laughery walk to support 
the Scott Stein Mennonal 
Scholarship. Scott Stein 
was a dedicated student 
and football player who 
died in a car accident 
during the fall semester. 
Left: Ray LaMora and 
Megan Kanick show their 
support for President Bush 
during the Organizational 
Fair. The Young 
Republicans Club was led 
by Phillips Kolsun. 
Photos fay. Paul Roncone 



Kappa Delta Pi 

Front Row: Lauren Tiberio, Sarah 
Stout, Jessie Laughery, and Danielle 
Blonar; Back Row: Sarah Coyne, Dan 
Tusing, Jeremiah Jones, Amy Sherwood 
,and Jessica Peak 

Student Education 

Front Row: Janna Crowley, Jessie I_aughery, 
Meagan Belden. Jeremiaii Jones, Jessica Peal<, Paul 
Roncone, Katie Boxwell, and Mary Beth Given; 
Second Row: Caragii Kelley, Jesica Bowman, 
Jayme I_ambert, Cary Burgoyne, Kim Spencer, 
Sarahi Gjyne, Daniel Tusing, Danielle Blonar, Sarah 
Stout, Lauren Tiberio, and Taya Radabaugh; Back 
Row: Faith Harper, Esther Simons, Amy 
Sherwood, Nicky Cutright, Amberly Davis, Katie 
McConnell, Kristy Keefer, and Andrea Ryan 

Right: SEA members 

volunteer to bowl with 

Special Olympics 

children at 

Buckhannon Bowling 

Lanes. SEA 

sponsored Special 

Olympics bowling 

every Tuesday night. 

Photo bi>: Paul 




Sigma Alpha Iota 

Front Row: Lindsey Ogorzalek, 

Heather Runser, Sallie Richards, Sarah 
Nale, Michelle Salomon, and Taya 
Radabaugh; Back Row: Allison Thorp, 
Tiffany Gibson, Sarah Helman, Jessica 
Bowman, Laura Dennis, and Katie 

Honors Program 

Front Row: Carrie Grecnberg, Erica Milanese. Susan 
Marshall, Amanda Jackson. Allison Thorp. Dr. Bceby. Ashley 
tlkins, Emily Hanna, Lindsey Walsh .and Katie Oreskovich; 
Second Row; Amanda Shockey. Sandra Atkins. Krista Hill. 
Sara Wood. Valarie Pauley, Karyn Frum, Mellisa Leech, Hanna 
Jo Robinson. Nicholas Smith. Zak Ritchie. Jessica Riffle, Tiffany 
Boeltz. Ashley Arnott. Alex Milanese. Evan Pratt, and Rick 
Broyles; Back Row: Trade Wise, Tim Ricks, Mary Beth 
Given, John Guido, Nicky Mortenscn. Keith Hoover. Shari 
Rodvelt, Sallie Richards. Dana Tiberio. Kan Stewart. Laura 
Runklc. Katie McConnell, Tara Stayer. Lydia Morris. Brandon 
Carder. Breann Thompson. Megan Buckalew, Corey Langley. 
and John Hughes 

Left Center: Junior SEA 
member Paul Roncone 
assists a little girl with her 
bowling strategy. SEA also 
volunteered in the 
Buckhannon schools by 
sponsoring a reading 
program. Left: SEA 
members Jessie L^ughery, 
Jeremiah Jones, and 
Jessica Peak laugh 
hysterically during their 
Christmas party. SEA 
promotes involvement with 
area school children. 
Photos fay. Paul Roncone 



Black Student Union 

Front Row: Patrice Reid, Mary Bruen 
,and Celise Remy; Back Row: Leon 
Thomas, Raschid Smith, Leonard 
McLean, and Janelle Waters 

Omicron Delta Kappa 

Front Row: Taya Radabaugh, Sallie 
Richards, and Allison Thorp; Back 
Row: Jen Goodrich, Dr. Beeby, and 

Right: Leon Thomas 

and Janelle Waters 

explain the purpose of 

the Black Student 

Union to a potential 

member. The Black 

Student Union's 

purpose is to promote 

unity among Wesleyan 

students. Photo by: 

Paul Roncone 



Intervarsity Christian 

Front Row: Nozomi Kato, Erica 
Milanese, Jessica Riffle, and Ashley 
Arnott; Back Row: James Fraser, Sara 
Wood, Leonard McLean, and Ken 

Pre-Law Society 

Front Row: Cary Leslie, Emily Hanna, 
Nicholas Smith, Courtney Lemley, 
Rocky Romano, and Chelsea Starks; 
Back Row: Ashley Robertson, 

Timothy Ricks, Rachel Waybright, 
Amanda Jackson. Sara Wood, Kimberly 
Cross, Philip Eskew. and Justin Raber 

Left Center; Trying 
to impress recruits, 
Kappa Phi sisters 
organize their table 
display at the 
Organizational Fair. 
Left: Taylor 
Daugherty separates 
bunches of pine during 
the Hanging of the 
Greens. Hanging of 
the Greens is a holiday 
tradition on campus. 
Photos fay. Paul 



Student Athletic 
Trainers' Club 

Front Row: Travis Rummel, Beth 
Massie, Bri Bennett, April Burnell, and 
Bobby Smith; Back Row: Ashley 
Jones, Tiffany Boeltz, Ashley Arnott, 
Kevin Kear, Brandi Kesling, Jan 
Mokmen, and Sara McCauley 

Above: Student athletic trainers spend 
considerable hours working with the 
football team both during practices and on 
game days. 

Right: Seniors Bobby Smith and Brianna 

Bennett prepare water bottles for football 

players during a home game. Student 

athletic trainers must obtain a specific 

number of supervised hours working with 

athletes in order to meet degree 


Photos hv: Paul Roiiconc 




ms' I m^ ^ 

Benzene Ring 

Front Row: Mellisa Leach. Amber 
Miller. Jennifer Dick. Kathryn 
Morris. Daniel Aguirre. and Ashleigh 
Prince; Back Row: Ed Wovchko. 
Adam Hartman. Philip Eskew. Greg 
Sincek. Christopher Bailes, Leonard 
McClean. Krista Hill. Dr. Kelvin 
Mason .and Karl Zacharv 

Dance Team 

Front Row: Dana Tiberio. Brianne 
Barton. Annalise Gardino. and Janine 
Gardino: Second Row: Laura Runkle. 
Caire Van de Castle. Anna Reed. 
CoUette Leamy, and Kari Stewart; 
Back Row: Courtney Lemtey. Teal 
Morrison. Kelly Underwood, Meagan 
Richmond, and Amanda Slass 

Left: During a home 
basketball game. Wesleyan's 
dance team members perform 
during iKilltime. The dance 
team spends man\ hours 
practicing each week in order 
to prepare for their show. 



First Row: Cassie Humphreys, Tara 
Gorrell, Sarah Anderson, Valarie Pauley 
,and Kareen Bilotta; Back Row: Jeff 
Eakin, Marc Kasey, Rezan Baggers, Jeff 
Isner, Karim Mutani, Philip Eskew, and 
Kristen Schoeneberger 

First Row: Jen Goodnch. Ashley Elkins. Margaret 
Maclean, NiAy Cutright, Erica Milanese. Heather 
Runser ,and Elizabeth Ballentine; Second Row: 
Rachel Reed, Valarie Pauley, Amberly Davis, Kelly 
Mathlin, Jesse Nuttes, Melissa Lambert, Gary 
Burgoyne, Katie Boxwell, Amanda Shcxrkey, and 
Jennifer Martin; Back Row: Heather Weaver, 
Mellisa Leach, Ashleigh Prince, Danielle Morris, 
Miranda Starkey, Emily LaFayette, Amanda Paul. 
Lesle Sites, Nozomi Kato, and Heather Stout 

Right: Kristen 

Buttermoore, and 

Danielle Morris 

reminisce about fond 

Kappa Phi memories. 

The Organizational 

Fair offered students a 

chance to get involved 

with several campus 

organizations. Photo 

bi^: Paul Roncone 




Engineering Physics 

First Row: Mike DeVenuto, Liann 
Gottschling, Brenton Stone, Amy 
Poweston, and Heath Stewart; Second 
Row: Maylon Rojer, Jeffrey Cornfeld, 
R.L. Shawver, and Izumi Sekiguchi; 
Back Row: Dr. Wiest, Jesse Melton, 
Michael Curry, Dr. Popson, and Jeda 

Alpha Psi Omega 

Front Row: Carrie Greenberg, Matt 
Tollina, Caitlin Rexrode, James Holland, 
Emily Gerbasi, and Vina Trimboli; Back 
Row: Jerry Callahan, Janice McCrostie, 
Julie Miles, Linwood Young, Dr. Larry 
Reed, Mikel Kotlarek, Kyle Snyder, 
Michelle Salomon, Rachel Douglas, and 
Lydia Wagner 

Left Center: In hopes of 
impressing new members, 
Leonard MacLean, Kristen 
Sciioeneberger, Karim 
Mutanie and Ryan Boggess 
organize thier display of 
accolades. SIFE educates 
the student population on 
entrepreneurship and 
business affairs. 
Left: Kappa Phi 
members organize their 
table display at the 
Organizational Fair. Kappa 
Phi is a Christian service 
organization on campus. 
Photos by. Paul Roncone 




Front Row: Josh Gross, Mrs. Porter 
and Caragh Kelley; Back Row: Wendy 
Pittman, Paul Roncone, and Alicia 


Front Row: Leah Loubier, 
Leslie Villella. Kimberly Cottrell 
Back Row: Jcaob Steele, 
Kolsun, and Melissa Younkin 

Right Center: 

General Manager 

Phillips Kolsun 

broadcasts his radio 

show on C-92FM, 

Buckhannon's Best 


Right: Several 

Wesleyan students 

pick up their 2004 

edition of the 

Murmurmontis. The 

yearbook is the 

longest running 

publication on the 

Wesleyan campus. 



Top Left: The winners from the hit 
television show Last Comic Standing 
present their show to the Wesleyan 
Campus during a CAB sponsored event. 
CAB brings in several different 
comedian performances throughout the 

Above: Students interested in United 
Through Diversity help themselves to 
the potluck dinner. United Through 
Diversity is a new organization on 
Wesleyan's campus which consists of 
students from all different walks of life. 
Left: Wesleyan Idol winner Mica Spratt 
performs during the finals of the 
competition. Spratt won a cash prize for 
her first place finish. 



Right: Concert Chorale 
performs at the Founder's Day 
Convocation. Concert 

Chorale performs at several 
chapel events and is directed 
by Dr. Larry Parsons. 

Right Center: Senior 

Eli Kinser sings in the 

Concert Chorale. 

Being a member of the 

Concert Chorale is a 

large time 

commitment and 


Right: Senior Kara 

Rawlings catches up 

with a fellow 

performer before a 

Concert Chorale 

performance. By 

participating in 

Concert Chorale, it is 

a great way to meet 

new friends. 



Front Row: Sarah Helman, Richard Hogg, 
Norio Omori. Christopher Way, and Bob Ruqus 
Second Row: Christopher Patterson, Andrew 
Duncan, Lydia Moms. Michael Lambert Third 
Row: Kimberly Maranich, Chris Garten, Adam 
Loudin, David Manspeaker, and Stacey Cover 
Fourth Row: Sara Bumside, George Costa, 
Sean Coughlin, Sam Nesbith, Allison Thorp, and 
Jerry Wright 

Concert Chorale 

Erin Abner. Tyla Bodrick, Andrea Burn s. Laura Dennis, 
Tiffanie Downs, Kelly Engleka, Karyn Frum, Emily Gerbasi, 
Carrie Greenberg, Havaleh Havelka, Shannon Huff, Gretchen 
Hurley, Dayna Keller, Kiera McKee, Emily Morgan, Sarah 
Nale, Katie Oreskovich, Caitlin Rexrode, Michelle Salomon, 
Natalie Shaffer. Mica Spratt, Kathryn Whitlow, Elizabeth 
Ballentine, Brianne Barton, Jessica EJowman, Tessa Cobberiy, 
Carrie Fisher, Elisabeth Moore, Beth Nease, Toni Pilato, 
Kelsey O'Sullivan, Kara Rawlings, Anna Reed, Heather 
Rhoades, Sallie Richards, Lauren Roots, Heather Runser, Kate 
Simmons, Jennifer Sjostedt, Sarah Swiger, Breann Thompson, 
Allison Thorp, Matthew Allison, Jack Bates, Ryan Ekigess, 
Mark Burch, Jeremiah Callahan, David Cherry, Jeremiah 
Franks, Jason Jackson, Christopher Knight, Brett Miller, Joel, 
Riggs, Dough Seckman, Jeremiah Smallridge, James Templin, 
Leon Thomas, Linwood Young, Nathan Cams, Drew Cockey, 
Philip Eskew, Scott Getz, Teer Hardy, Michael Himes, 
Jeremiah Jones, Elijah Kisner, Michael Kotlarek, Matthew 
Krilzer, Matt Scott, Andrew Spencer, Cameron Stanley, Joshua 
Stubbs, Cody Sweet, Josh Thompson, Derrick Watson, and 
John Western 

Left Center: During 
a rehearsal, Bob 
Baden directs the 
Concert Band. The 
Concert Band 
performs in an annual 
Christmas concert. 
Left: Sophomore 
Logan Smith plays the 
trombone at a 
rehearsal. Many 
students participate in 
Concert Band to fulfill 
their fine arts credits. 



exquisite (adj.) - excellent in form or 



Greek Divider 


West Virginia Wesleyan College 
Dffered a variety of Greek life to the 
:ampus community. With five 
fraternities and four sororities, 
approximately 30 percent of the 
student body belonged to a Greek 
Drganization. Greek affiliation 

Dffered opportunities in leadership, 
v^olunteerism, and scholarship. 

rhe Greek organizations participated 
in several activities throughout the 
>chool year. 

* Spring Sing • Greek Week 

* Blood Drives • Philanthropy 

* Recruitment • Formals • Retreats 


Greek Divider 81 



Gicck Candid' 


84 Greek Candids 

Gteek Candid' 


AlpM ielta Pi 

(Bamma IKapjin Itliaptcr 




Wtst Vxvmm Mcslniau (Tnllcac 

Abo«e Jump spectators join in song after tlie conclusion of tlie 4 I 
new fraternity brothers jump. ^ ' 

Right: Megan Neiwadowski, Meg Bartolini, and Sharon Findfey 
■take time from the organization fair for a sister snapshot. ,, . J 

Founded: 1851 Colors: Azure Blue & White Mascot: Lion 

86 Alpha Delta Pi 


Alplia (lamina Sclta 

Alpha (Dmicriin (Chapter 




McBt Uirgiuia Hfcslcyau CCnUcijc 



X Ip^^ 




for the weekeiT 

excited during limp ceremonjfts. * 

the skate«a-thon to make plans 

Founded: 1904 Colors: Red, Buff, & Green Mascot: Squirrel 



w W w w w V W w w%y 


Al^iha 3(t Delta 

Scfa S-iyma (tliaptrr 





IDcat llimiuta IDculruaii dnllcuc 



AbowC Alpha Xi sisters join in for the annual Springy Jump . 
Right: Jackie Murphy and Michelle McDonagli receive their 
roses during the Kappa Alpha rose ceremony. 

Founded: 1983 Colors: Blue & Gold Mascot: Bear 

88 \ Alpha Zi Delta 



Hcta (Fan Alpha 

Di'ltii ll)Uiiliui (Tliafitcr 

Ulciit Hiryiitta Hcslrii'i" (CwlUnu' 

Left: The si^e«p)f 'Zeta Tdfc AJteagerly Wait the beginning of 
spring jump. A' ^^ / . 

Above: Molly fCoates and Alicia Craft atteiM a*reek mfetina in 
Wesley Chapel* ^ » ^ » 

Founded: 1898 Colors: Gray & Turquoise Mascot: Bunny 

: ail Alph 


Irta -Xu (£ha;)lcr 

Mtsi Itrgtnia Heskyan (Eolkg^ 



Top: Rocky Romano represents Alpha Sig 

proudly as an escort during the Spring Sing 

coronation ceremony. 

Above: Tim Bragg enjoys his santa moment 

during Christmas on Campus. 

Right The brothers of Alpha Sig patiently 

await the arrival of their new pledges during 

spring jump weekend. 


^ 5 

t. H 

Founded: 1845 Colors: Red & Gray Mascot: Phoenix 

Alpha Sigma P. 









(Tin piii 

Delta Xi (Cliaptrr 

211 ;^*iiMf^ oj 




I^fit lirginta JScBkyau (CuUcijc 



NOT penjfiEP f «A»i «DOEJoCH 

(E DMQWC NAiatON. N > 

Founded: 1824 Colors: Red & Blue 





kNSRECc moixT waQtwN twnoM9Mjn 

iKappa Alalia O^rJier 

Seta (Tiji 



H^at lUrginia 10cslci|au (tulU^c 






Abovopjfcremy Lynch serves as the goalie for Kappa Alpha's , 
water polo team during Greek Week. ^1 

Right: Ryan Boyd directs KA's greek week Olympic participates. I 

Founded: 1865 Colors: Green & Yellow Mascot: Scotch 

92 Kappa Alpha 




Delta (ijamma (Chapter 






0St lirgiuia Wcskiiau (Tnllcge 


Founded: 1865 Colors: Red & White 

-' Theta Ci 


'""■""" """'"" ' tirtn4 ^^-Qy 211111 



,j1, Jl Hfst llir^mia Utiikymt (CnUcjjc ~J^ ~ 





«< „««<» 


««.«.«„ «...,«.«" rai..c».~,m 












Above: BdSin Viviano serves as scholarship chair for the Theta 
Xi fraternity. 

Right: Eric Megert participates in the skate-a-thon to help thfl 
'Alpha Gains raise money for tlieir philanthropy. fl 





Founded: 1864 Colors: Blue & Silver Mascot: Unicom 

94 Theta Xi 



?k Candid: 

exceptional (adj.) - superior 


Sporls Divider 


In their 100+ years of competition, 

the West Virginia Wesleyan College 

athletic teams have posted an 

outstanding 123 West Virginia 

Intercollegiate Athletic Conference 

Championships, more than any college 

in the conference. 

The Bobcat athletes and coaches have 

also garnered numerous other awards 

over the years. 

• Player of the Year • Coach of the 

Year • Rookie of the Year • Pitcher 

of the Year • All Conference Teams 

• Pool Records • National 

Championships • Governor's Cups 

• Commissioner's Cups 

Sports Divider 97 


Winter and fall sports at West Virginia 
Wesleyan College have been dominate in the 
past several years. The football team has won 
two of the last three conference championships, 
the cross country teams have repeated conference 
titles, and the soccer teams have been dominate 
not only in conference but across the nation in 
Division II. Every fall and winter sport at 
Wesleyan has had special recognition for 
outstanding athletic performance in the West 
Virginia Intercollegiate Athletic Conference. 

Above: Danielle Blonar is being chased by a group of runners during a cross- 
country meet. Blonar. along with the men's and women's cross country 
teams, represented Wesleyan at the Di\'ision II Regional Meet held in 

Right: Crystal Johnson shoots between two 
defenders dunng a home basketball game at 
Rockefeller Center. Johnson is a 5'6 freshman 
guard from Clinton. MD. 


Sports Caudids 

Left: Wesleyan football has become a winning tradition over the past couple 
of years. Two conference titles over a three-year period has definitely helped 
Coach Bill Struble with recruiting 

Below: Dunng a basketball game against Bluefield State College. Jelani 
Watson goes to the line to shoot two foul shots. The Bobcats defeated 
Bluefield State 104-85. 


/I « 

Above: Taking a break during swim practice, junior Jason Foote uses the 
laplane to hold himself up. Early morning swim practice definitely takes the 
energy out of anyone, but it is this type of dedication that makes the 
Wesleyan swimmers successful. 

Left: It seems as though one of the members of the Bobcat volleyball team is 
using her dancing skills to taunt the other team. 

Sports Candids 


2004 Football 

TR Dues. Mike Hibbert. Domonique Statcn. Justin Grogg. Charles Chi, Zack Condo, Raschid Smith, Hairy Lorusso, Marc Kimes, Stephen Link. Cameron 
Cowart, Andy Horn, Adrian Stupica. Field Terry. Mike Donovan. Bobby Kissane, Terence Lucas. Matther Hyde. Luke Wallace. Austen Merrills. Jeremy 
Vickers. David Gibson. Ben Vance. Motl Gaymon. Max Williams, Tony Gaskins, Lamar Holmes, Tivon Jackson, Scott Stein, Ryan McCullough, Ryan 
Young. Anthony Collins. Jamaal Robinson. Tom Girogianni. Chris Luctte, Jonathan Allen, Chance Vamer, Bnan Lasinski, Tyler Silva, Jonathan Shockey, 
Blake Conklin, Adam .Altizer, Tyler Kraus, Glenn Lassiter, Keith Burgman, Nick Sworden, Tony Testa, Zach Feltrop, Jeremy Lynch, Russell Collymore, Joe 
Tropea, Daniel Watson, Austin Johnston. Alan Krutulis. JT Mylan. Jeff Hughes. Tyrone Moses, Allen Campbell, Joe Mike Rector, Darren Wilbum, Harold 
Summers, Tim Anderson, Brandon Simmons, David Lawson, Tim Gorsz, Jared Surhaugh, David Wright, Jeremy Kurtz, Richard Shinners, Jimmy Fritz, Scan 
Drumm, Zach Botkins, Alex Puente, Jon Muniz. Del Smith, Josh Roeth, Brett Carter, Wes Smallwood, Mike Petito, Bill Struhlc (Head Coach), Paul Price, 
Ron Boyd, Adam Martiny, Chad Jones, John Wilson, Justin Hill, Luke Struble 

The West Virginia Wesleyan College football team ended a rough 
season with its third straight loss. Although the Bobcats finished 
over .500 (6-5, 4-3 WVIAC), a third place tie was not exactly 
what Wesleyan followers had anticipated. 

Beginning the season at home against a suiprising Wingate 
University team, the Bobcats dropped the opener for the third 
consecutive year, but the loss was no cause for won-y as the 
previous two championship campaigns had also started under 
similar conditions. 

Although the Bobcats did not win a third straight conference 
title, they still had some individuals receive special recognition. 
Three West Virginia Wesleyan football players were named to the 
2004 Daktronics All-Northeast Region Team. 

Seniors Alan Krutulis (Stewartsville, NJ) and Jared Surbaugh 
(Ronceverte, WV), along with sophomore T.R. Dues (South 
Charleston, WV), were among 12 WVIAC players chosen by the 
region's sports information directors. Krutulis and Surbaugh 
were first team choices and Dues was a second-team pick. 
Linebacker Krutulis and back TR Dues were also picked as 
members of Don Hansen's Football Gazette 2004 Division II 
Ail-American Team. Knitulis and Rachid Smith (Baltimore, 
MD) represented the Bobcats in the East Coast Bowl. 
Expectations for the future of Bobcat football remain high. 

Copy Credit: James Nekoloff 

Above: During a g.uiic ,ig,iinsi \\ V Tech, junior quarterback 
M.arc Kimc threw lor 231 yards and completed 13 of 27 
pass attempts. The Bobcats went on to win the game 55-13, 
Wji</<i hi: Paul Rnncone 


Left: As the Bobcat offense is on the run, senior offensive lineman 
Jared Surbaugh holds off the defense of Wingate University. The 
Bobcats ran for 93 total yards during the gaine. 
Below: The Wesleyan punter is ready to send the ball to the 
opposite end of the field. The referee looks on to make sure the 
kicker is not roughed by the opposing team. 

Left Center: Freshman wide-receiver Brvan Overton takes off 

down field after making the completion against Lenoir Rhyne 

College. The Bobcats were victorious 24-17. 

Right Center: Head coach Bill Strubble sends the pla\ to the 

olTense as student assistant Luke Struble looks on. Bill Strubble is 

the all-time winningest football coach m WV Wesleyan history. 

.\bove: Ready to take the field at Sam Ross Stadium, the Wesleyan 

Bobcats prepare for domination. 

Left: The defense is down and ready as the center for Lenior Rhyne 

College makes the snap. The defense held strong as Lenoir Rhyne 

only converted on three, third-down conversions. 



2004 Men's Soccer 

Jon Amari. Chris Mazzarelli. George Rowley. Gavin Aquhart. Joseph Burkland. Niphon Phittayasri, Jacob Schwertfeger. Chad 
Evans. Michael Page. Dino Dozgic. Stephen Fielding. Conor McCallion. Daniel Olinda. Andrew Lotocki. Chris Crews, CJ Helmick. 
Jared Merlie, Craig Eggleton. Brad Mills. Andrew Meikle. Edward CuUen, Ian Moreman. Brian McGowan, Marc Farrell. Zach 
Holt, Robert Beauchamp, Cheikh Sow, Dylan Boyd. Michael Curry, Micah Crews, Gavin Donaldson (Head Coach), Glen Francis 
(Assistant Coach) 

CXrat^rui "H^e lAJatltJi 

The WVIAC has gone multinational, well, at least in terms of the 
men's soccer all-conference squads. The first team alone represents 
nine countries and four states by itself with only one selection 
hailing from the Mountain State (Charleston's Stanton Smith). No 
matter the origins, the most important fact is that the Bobcats 
placed six athletes among all three lists. 

Sophomore midfielder Bond Phittayasri (Bowie, MD) is the 
lone Wesleyan star on the All- WVIAC First Team, one of only three 
total top honor repeat selections (WJU's Jade Jones, also the player 
of the year, and UC's Smith). Phittayasri proved pivotal in holding 
down the center of the 'Cats midfield with his aggressive on the ball 
defending and quick-strike counter-attacking ability. 

Senior attackers Dino Dozgic (Eastbourne, England) and 
Stephen Fielding (Brighton, England), and sweeper Brad Mills (Elk 
River, MN) formed Wesleyan's AU-WVIAC Second Team 
contingent. Dozgic's 22 points (eight goals, six assists) led the 
Bobcats offensive assault followed closely by Fielding's five goal^ 
and half a dozen assists (16 points). Mills, a converted midfielder, 
did much to solidify the 'Cats hackline and spur attacks from the 
defensive third with well place long balls to his awaiting forwards. 

Junior marking backs Chris Crews (Wheeling, WV) and Cheikh 
Sow (Dakar, Senegal) earned All-WVIAC Honorable Mention 
recognition. Crews often drew the assignment of shutting down the 
opponent's top offensive threat, a chore he seldom failed. Sow's play 
opened the eyes of many this season and definitely caught the 
attention of opposing strikers" with his almost impassable defensive 
Copy Credit: James Nekolojf 

Above: Junior Michael Page looks over his shoulder to 
sure the defense is not nearby before he dribbles dow 
Page hails from Bethel Park, PA and plays forward f 

Pholo Cri'dil: Pele Galameaii 

or the 



Men 's Soccer 

Left: Dino Dozgic hurries to beat the opponent to the ball. Dozgic 
in a senior from Eastbourne. England. 

Below: Before the start of a home game the Bobcats huddle up to 
gi\c each other a last few words of advice. The men's soccer team 
IS known for sticking together. Phonxs By: Pew Galarneau 

Left Center: Stephen Fielding plays top-notch as a midfielder for 

the Wesleyan Bobcats. Fielding is a 6-1 senior from Brighton. 


Center Right: Joseph Burkland steps in to interupt a header as the 

referee looks on. Burkland is a West Virginia native and plays 

midfielder for the Bobcats. 

.Above: Michael Page approaches the ball as the defender closes in. 

Page saw tons of playing time a.s a forward for the Wesleyan 


Left: During a home game against California. P.\ both the 

Wesleyan and California. P.\ player hustle for the loose ball. The 

game was played under the lights on Wesley an's home field. 

Plioifls by: Pete Galarneau 




Men 's Soccer 


2004 Women's Soccer 

Kanako Otani, Whitney Hyre. Krystal Savarino. Kasie Thomas, Heather Casto. Jennifer Merrill, Siliphone Phetphongsy, Shanna 
Sutler, Shellie Cotton, Lindsay Strickland, Shelby Faltot, Michelle Young, Sarali St. Clair, Kelly Schaults, Jackie Deutsch, Mary 
Abu Bakir, Abby Zirkle, Michaela Nicas, Stacey King (Head Coach), Greg Bennett (Assistant Coach) 

Stat 1^<rig NotJeca 

Normally, when people hear the phrase "some things never change." it's put 
into a negative context, but this case serves to the opposite. Although it wasn't 
represented by a player of the year or coach of year this season, Wesleyan 
women's soccer continued its strong run of all-conference perfonners by 
notching four selections on the WVIAC first team and another spot on the 
second team. 

Senior strikers Shellie Cotton (Charleroi, PA) and Sarah St. Clair 
(Morgantown. WV) were joined by defenders Mary Abu Bakir (Altadena, CA) 
and Jackie Deutsch (Charleroi, PA) on the All-WVIAC First Team. Midfielder 
Kasie Thomas (Buckhannon, WV) was the lone Lady 'Cat named to the All- 
WVIAC Second Team. 

Cotton, the 2003 WVIAC Player of the Year and 2001 WVIAC Freshman 
of the Year, earned her fourth first team honor but did so playing a different 
role. In season's past. Cotton was the most feared striker in the conference, but 
her experience and playmaking ability better suited this year's squad in the 
midfield. With that said, her eight tallies and six assists were enough to push 
her atop the Wesleyan all-time scoring lists with 62 goals, 34 assists and 15S 
total points. 

St. Clair, a 2002 and 2003 second team selection, led the LBC vMth 1 1 
goals this year. Her 30 career assists have her tied for second all-time in 
Wesleyan liistory. As a tribute to her athletic abilities and academic prowess. 
St. Clair is in line to earn her second straight selection to the CoSIDA National 
Academic All-America team. 

Abu Bakir and Deutsch quite possibly are the top tandem of central 
defenders in the conference. Abu Bakir provides speed and aggressive man on 
defending while Deutsch is powerful, hard-nosed and fearless in an\ 
confrontation. Both being sophomores, the Wesleyan faithful should expect 
repeat performances for the next two seasons. 

Thomas, a senior and honorable mention winner in 2003, is a true left side 
wing player, a rarity in soccer terms. Blessed with amazing speed and a 
powerful left boot, very few outside backers could contain her push down the 
sideline. Thomas finished the season with two goals and five assists. 

.Above: Sopliomorc Lindsay Strickland holds off tlie defense 
as she concentrates on her drihhle. Strickland is a midfielder 
from Newark. Delewarc. 
Photo By: Paul Roncone 

Copy Credit: James Nckoloff 



Women's Soccer 

Left: Kasie Thomas plays midfielder for the Lady Bobcats, which is 
a position she has known since her soccer career began. 
Below: Senior Sarah St. Clair prepares to send the bail to her 
tcammmatc while the defender approaches. Sarah was named to 
the 2004 ESPN Academic Ail-American National First Team. 

Photos By: Stacey Kms 

Left Center: Sophomore Shelby Faltot dribbles the ball downfield. 

Shelby saw several minutes of playing time for the Bobcats as a 


Center Right: Sarah St. Clair uses the side of her foot to stop the 

ball. St. Clair hails from Morgantown. WV. 

.\bovc: A host of Lady Bobcats look on as the ball sails high over 

the goal which made this an easy play for the Bobcats" goalie. The 

goalie for the 'Cats is senior Krystal Savarino. 

I^ft: Sophomore Jackie Dcutsch prepares to steal the ball from the 

opponent. Teammates look on and anxiously await the steal. 

Photos By: Slacey King 




Women 's Soccer 


2004 Men's Cross Country 

Timothy Andrew, Zack Beckett, 
Dylan Drinkard. Justin Faith, 
Jonathan Gohrband, Jason 
Gumey, Ryan Johnson, Michael 
King, Jonathan Miller, Steven 
Nutter, Jared Oliver. Justin 
Rogers, Woody Snoberger, John 

T)eternri€n.e€l "fo l^i>Ma 

Support of any kind is welcomed by all athletes, no matter the 
sport. Wesleyan cross country certainly felt at home as Camp Virgil 
Tate was flooded with a sea of Bobcat parents and students, lending 
Wesleyan a rare "home field advantage" away from Buckhannon. 

Aside from orange and black paint that literally covered them 
from head-to-toe, the Wesleyan track and field athletes who made 
the trip to Charleston wore t-shirts with creative slogans like "Get ur 

Done" and "Don't you wish you were Jesse's Girls" to spur on 

their beloved Bobcat cross country cousins. How true they would 
prove to be. 

Head Coach Jesse Skiles' Lady Bobcat cross country athletes 
became the envy of the WVIAC by narrowly edging out the favored 
Alderson-Broaddus Lady Battlers 36-37 to capture their third 
consecutive conference title. 

The men's team, racing with only half of the normal squad due 
to injury and other circumstances, leap-frogged over Wheeling 
Jesuit in the pre-race rankings to finish third behind first place 
Concord University and runner-up Alderson Broaddus. 

The ladies title marks the 31st overall WVIAC crown for coach 
Skiles, more than any coach in conference history. Wesleyan's long- 
time mentor also secured his 27th WVIAC Coach of the Year 

With outstanding performances from both the men and 
women's teams, both earned a spot to the regional meet. The 
women finished ninth out of 25 teams with an average time of 
23:48. The men's cross country placed 16th out of 26 teams with an 
average time of 36.07. 

Copy Credit: James Nekoloff 

Above: Muddy? Just slightly. Junior Jill Walker was a total 
mess after completing the race at the conference 
championships at Camp Virgil Tate. Walker's teammates 
are trying to convince her to clean-up. but Jill is determined 
to leave the mud on as long as possible to prove just how 
hard she worked to help claim the Bobcat victory. 
Photos Br: Paul Roncone 


Women's Cross Country 

Danielle Blonar, Megan 
Docherty, Leah Erenrich, 
Amanda Griffith, Stephanie 
Hatfield, LaTora Keigley, 
Hannah Kovarik. Beth 
McNeil, Danielle Painter. 
Hanna Jo Robinson, Annie 
Schuerger, Stefanie Trifilo, 
Jill Walker 


Left Center: With hands on hips, junior Zach Beckett anticipates 
the start of the race. Beckett finished with a final time of 33; 1 3.2 
at the conference championships. 

.4bove: Running in stride, the Wesleyan Men's Cross Country team 
practicies no matter what the weather is like outside. It is this type 
of determination that makes the cross country team so successful. 
Left: Jesse's Girls? You had better believe it. The Lady Bobcats are 
such a close group when it comes to the cross country team. They 
support one another no matter what the outcome maybe. 
However, this time around the outcome was excellent as the Lady 
'Cats finished 9th out of 25 teams at the Division II Regionals. 
Phoios Bv: Paul Roncone 





2004 Bobcat Volleyball 

Caitiyn Smyth, Amanda Smith, 
Jackie Murphy, Sara Collins, 
Casey Karcesky, Caitlin Dix, 
Katie Harper, Michele 

McDonagh, Michelle Clelland, 
Megan Loiacono, Kaitlyn 
Shumate, Jonna Hudson, Carla 
Decker (Head Coach), Melissa 
Klein (Assistant Coach) 


If you see a wanted sign up in front of the Wesleyan volleyball 
office, don't get the wrong impression. They're in need of some 
extra shelf space. 

Thanks in part to both an outstanding regular season and 
impressive individual efforts, four Lady Bobcats earned AU- 
WVIAC honors on the conference first or second teams. The junior 
trio of middle hitter Michelle Clelland (Richmond, VA), setter 
Jackie Murphy (Richmond, VA), and right side attacker Kaitlyn 
Shumate (Prince Frederick, MD) were all named to the All-WVIAC 
First Team while sophomore outside hitter Caitlin Smyth 
(Richmond, VA) was rewarded with a Second Team All-WVIAC 

Clelland, a 2003 second team selection, finished second in the 
conference in hitting percentage (.372) and in the top ten in blocks 
per game (1.35/g). Both totals led the way for the Lady Bobcats. 
Murphy, also a 2003 second team honoree, finished with 10.22 
assists per game (1,012 in 99 games). The combination of Clelland 
and Murphy on quick hitters was nearly unstoppable for all 
conference opponents this season. 

Shumate, the 2002 WVIAC freshman of the year and second 
team selection each of the last two campaigns, finished fourth in the 
conference with a .326 hitting percentage. She also racked up 1.01 
blocks per game and 2.68 kills per game. 

Smyth, a transfer from Armstrong Atlantic College, finished just 
out of the conference top ten averaging 2.90 kills per game. She also 
accounted for 2.57 digs per game. 

Copy Credit: James Nekoloff 

Above: Junior Michele McDonagh prepares to send the ball 

back over Ihe net to the opposing team. McDonagh is a 

defensive striker for the Lady Bobcats and hails from Laurel, 


Pholo Bv: Paul Ronconc 


Left: Watching for the ball to come from the opponent, the 
are well prepared for their next play. 

Below: Being down and ready is definitely pan of a volleyball 
match. Without a doubt, this Bobcat is in the right position. 
Pholos By: Paul Roncone 

Left Center: With a face of determination, the outside hitter for 

the Lady Bobcats stnkes the ball down to the other team. 

Right Center: Team spirit is a must for any athletic team to be 

successful. Before the start of a home match, the Wesleyan 

volleyball team gathers on the court to say its "Bobcat cheer". 

Above: Defensive striker .Amanda Smith bumps the hall back over 

the net. Smith is a public relations major from Parkersburg. WV. 

Left: On the floor and battling for the ball, sophomore Caitlyn 

Smythe and senior .\manda Smith dig the ball back to the 


Photos By: Paul Roncone 



2004 Bobcat Swim Team 

James Fraser. Beau Krpicak, Donny Powell. Harry Montgomery, Brian Wiles. Head coach Paul Mangen. Scott Gilchrist. Natalie 

Johnson, Monica Heinrich, Monica Morin, Melissa Masuga, Jason Foote, Asst. coach Susie Nieder. Intern Strength Coach Alan 

Krutulis, Drew MeCarron, Kvle Bain. Sean Ford. Joe Bruzda. Ben Davisson. John Wade, .^shlev Martin. 

The 2004-2005 swimming season was eventful! to say the 
least. Aside from two senior women, Wesleyan had an extremely 
young team. The men went undefeated in the conference in duel 
meet competition and finished behind Fairmont State 
University, while the women were second to Wheeling Jesuit 
University by one point! 

There were 10 conference championship swims with 
countless personal bests throughout the year; in fact, every 
swimmer on the team could lay claim to a personal best at some 
point in the year. 

Coaches were very optimistic about next fall as the team loses no 
males to graduation and are looking to bring in one of the 
strongest recruiting classes in a long time. The women, however, 
are graduating two of the most prolific athletes of this program's 
history. Monica Morin. a four time NCAA national qualifier, 
left behind school records that would be around for a long time; 
while Monica Heinrich an NCAA national qualifier, who owns 
the most team records of any swimmer at West Virginia 
Wesleyan, would leave a void in the sprint and breaststroke 
events that would not be easy to replace. 

Wesleyan will use this team's lack of experience as leverage to 
improve upon in the next few seasons. They will only get faster, 
and with strong recruiting classes coming in, both teams will be 
aiming to win the conference title in 2006. 

Copy By Head coach Paul Ma)ii;cii 

Above: Sophomore Benjamin Da\'is sports 
warm-up suit dunng a home meet. Davis 
major from Clarksburg. WV. 

the swim team's 
is an accounting 



Left: Senior Monica Morin is the first Wesleyan swimming 
national champion, claiming the 200-yard butterfly at the 2005 
Di\ision 11. National Championship in March. 
Below: During the breaststroke event, a Lady Bobcat takes a breath 
before reentering the water. The Bobcat swimmers work for hours 
to perfect their swimming strokes. 

Left Center: Helping her fellow teammate keep a lap count during 

her distance swim, freshman Drew McCarron turns the lap counter 

every 50 yards. 

Right Center: Head coach Paul Mangen gives his swimmers a pep 

talk during a home meet. .As a college swimmer, Mangen qualified 

for the US Open Swimming Championships. 

Above: Patiently awaiting their event to be called, several Bobcat 

swimmers listen to music to help keep them focused. 

Left: Junior Jason Foote pulls through the butterfly stroke in order 

to keep up his pace. Foote is a computer science informations 

major from Santa Rosa, C.\. 



2004 Men's Basketball 

Rocky Manchin, Jermaine Garrard. Dureyea Gamett, Marcus Nicks, Brian Inge. Ted Winovich. AJ Mason. Stephen Nichols. Jared Chafin. Lynell Ingram. 
Cole Ellis. Jelani Watson. Christopher Smith. Matt Bemholc. Edward Lucas. Jerel Thomas. Coach Charlie Miller 


i>«e o1 


The 2004-05 men's basketball team started the preseason with very high 
hopes of erasing memories of the disappointing campaign of 2003-04 in which 
the team only managed three wins. With the presence of four seniors. Jelani 
Watson, Lynell Ingram. Jermaine Garrard, and Ted Winovich. the coaching 
staff was very anxious to see what this edition of Bobcat basketball would 

The preseason scrimmages seemed to indicate that this year's squad would 
more than make up for the lackluster shooting performances of the previous 
season. However, it turned out to be "fool's gold" as the playing season 
unfolded. Game afler game, the team found itself in positions to win but 
failed to do so. primarily due to poor shooting, and lack of consistently good 
team defense. The perimeter game which was so crucial to success \irtuall>' 
disappeared. Thus, the Bobcats were very inconsistent oflensively. 

Since the championship season of 2001-02. when graduation took seven 
seniors, it has been a constant struggle to reload with impact players who could 
mentally and physically handle the Division II level of competition required. 
This season saw the team having to rely a great deal on the inexperience of 
eight freshmen, a junior college transfer, and four returning players of which 
only three had extensive playing time. Nevertheless, against very formidable 
opponents, the Bobcats still found themselves in a position to win numerous 
times. Bobcats played hard, but the supporting cast surrounding the two all 
conference candidates, Jelani Watson and Lynell Ingram, never really 
materialized. These two senior players were in the top five in scoring and 
rebounding for most of the season. 

Coaches must express their sinccrest appreciation to the four seniors who 
went down fighting game after game and never lost their zeal and intensity, 
whether in a game or practice situation. .'Mso. Coach Miller's sinccrest respect 
and gratitude goes out to his assistant coach, Chris Chavers. 

If experience has any value at all. it should display itself next season as 
seven players will bring a lot of playing time and \aluablc experience back to 
the court. Those players, Jared Chafin. Cole Ellis, A.J. Mason, Stephen 
Nichols, Dureyea Gamett, Chris Smith, and Brian Inge are expected to take 
the lead in returning the winning ways back to West Virginia Wcsleyan College 
and Bobcat basketball. Copy by Charles Miller, head coach 

Above: Sophomore Rocky Manchin goes for a lay- 
up during a home game against Blucfield State 
College. The Bobcats defeated Bluefield State by 
a score of 104-85. 
Photos hv Paul Roncoiic 


Men 's Basketball 

Left: Ted Winovich gets caught off guard during warm- 
ups at a home basketball game. Winovich is a 6-2 
senior from Pittsburgh, PA. 

Below: With a fancy hand motion, senior Jeiani Watson 
drives to the basket during a home game against 
Bluefield State College. 

Left Center: Lynell Ingram uses his jumping skills to 
rise above the opponent as he tries to shoot a one- 
handed jump shot. Ingram's height of 6-7 definitely 
gives him an advantage on the court. 
Abo>e: During warm-ups. freshman Dureyea Gamett 
practices his jump shot. Gamett hails from New Castle. 

Left: Several members of the men's basketball team 
take a rest during a timeout. The men's basketball team 
had its ups and downs throughout the entire season. 

Men 's Basketball 113 

2004 Women's Basketball 

Crystal Johnson. Brandi Wynn. Sarah Martin, Ashley Robhins, Lucia Darling. Sarah Grabb, Heather Kauffman, Elisa Mayes, Brittany Roeder. Emily 
Facemyer, Julie Bell, Frances Carvajal, Coach Steve Tiemey. Assistant Coach Susan Ford, Assistant Coach Elena Kravchenko 


The 2004-05 edition of the Lady Bobcats proved to be much improved 
over last season's 13-14 record. The ladies finished the season with a 17-12 
overall mark and a WVIAC finish of fifth place with an 11-7 record. The 
team was picked to finish in ninth place in the preseason coaches' poll. 

The Lady Bobcats won two tournaments: the Covered Bridge Classic 
hosted by Alderson-Broaddus and the West Virginia State Christmas 
Tournament. The team was lead by senior post Frances Carvajal and 
sophomore guard Sarah Grab. 

Carvajal broke the single season double-double record with 20 
consecutive games while averaging 20 points and 12 rebounds with a 
shooting percentage of nearly 50 percent. Carvajal scored a career higli 36 
points while shooting 14-20 from the floor against Shepherd University. 
Also. Carvajal was a first team all-conference selection, WVIAC player of 
the week, and first team all-tournament selection. 

Sarah Grab was also a tremendous asset to the Lady Bobcat basketball 
squad. Grab became a 3-point threat for the Lady Bobcats with a shooting 
percentage of nearly 49 percent. Grab averaged 18 points per game while 
being selected as a member of the second team all conference, player of the 
week, and 2005 ESPN The Magazine Academic All District II College 
Division Women's Basketball Team. 

Senior guard Heather Kiiufiman was the floor general for the Lady 
Bobcats starting all 29 games while averaging nearly 30 minutes per contest. 
The Lady Bobcats defeated eventual WVIAC Tournament champions 
Wlieeling Jesuit University 68-63 on their home floor giving WJU their first 
home loss of the year. 

Coach Tiemey commented. "This squad grew closer together as the 
season went on, and achieved more than a lot of people thought they could. 
Led by outstanding leadership, the team was awarded the Sam Marchio 
Sportsmanship Award for the fourth time in five years. Their exemplary 
conduct earned them respect league wide. This team was a lot of fun to 
coach and I thank them for their dedication and hard work." 

Copy by Steve Tiemey. head coach 

.\bove: Frances Carvajal shoots overtop of two defenders from 
Da\is and Elkins College. Carvajal is a 6-1 senior from 
Convington, VA. 
Pholos hy Paul Roncunc 


Women's Basketball 

Left: Junior Julie Bell goes up against the Davis and Elkins defense 
while trv'ing to score two. Beil plays forward and center for the 
Lady Bobcats. 

Below: During warm-ups. Emily Facemyer heads towards the 
hoop to practice her layup. Facemyer saw several minutes of 
playing time this year as a sophomore. 










^^TV w jBi 







, — 1 





^^^ — 




Left Center: Sarah Grab awaits the rebound. Grab is a 5-7 guard 

from Erie. PA. 

.\bove: While the other team is trying to inbound the ball. Brandi 

Wynn does her part in defending the pass. Wynn staned several 

games this year as a freshman. 

Left: Dunng senior night, Francis Carvajal and Heather Kauffman 

receive flowers from head coach Steve Tiemey . Both ladies played 

a significant role in the Bobcats' success during the 2004-2005 


Women 's Basketball 


2005 Men's Tennis 

First Row (L-R): Joseph Jiblets, 
Chris Garton. Richard Tench, 
Kyle Hoffman, Eric Johnson, 
Duncan OHvcr, asst. coach 
Barbora Kudilkova Back Row (L- 
R): Michael Higgins II, Neal 
Saluja, Joshua Gross, Josh 
Olcott, Joshua Carpenter, Paul 
Nelson, Dominick Mack, head 
coach Lee Underwood 

CI con. 

The West Virginia Wesleyan men's tennis team ended 
its season with a 5-4 loss against third-seeded West Liberty 
State in the semifinals of the WVIAC Tournament. The 
'Cats had advanced through the quarterfinals with a 5-1 
victory over seventh-seeded Fairmont State. 

Senior Paul Nelson was named to the 2005 WVIAC 
men's tennis first team. Playing No. 1 singles and doubles 
the entire season. Nelson finished with an overall record of 
7-4 in doubles matches and 4-7 in singles matches. In the 
West Virginia Conference, the senior was 5-4 in doubles 
and 4-4 in singles. 

The Bobcats finished the season at 9-5 overall, and 8-1 
in the WVIAC. 

The Lady Bobcats were knocked out during the first 
round of the WVIAC Tournament in Charleston, WV by 
the Concord Mountain Lions. The Lady 'Cats long run of 
all conference selections continued as senior Ellen Brosh 
was named to the All-WVIAC women's tennis first team. 
Brosh was the Lady Bobcats' most consistent player this 
season as she competed at number one singles and doubles 
for the entire year, compiling a 6-3 singles record and a 5-4 
doubles mark. 

The Lady 'Cats ended the year 4-5 overall, but their 
competitive finish at the end of the season is a promising 
sign for the 2005 squad. 

Bobcat Paul Nelson prepares for his forehand shot 
during a home tennis match. Nelson is a senior 
from Bay Village, Ohio. 



2005 Women's Tennis 

Front Row (L-R): Ellen 
Brosh. Katherine Foltz, 
Mary Theibert. Back Row 
( L - R ) : assistant coach 
Barcha Kudilkova. 

Manann Reiss, Maureen 
Conley, Erin Carr. Cara 
Group, head coach Diane 


Top Left: Prepared for competition, Dominick Mack is 

ready to send the ball back to the opponent during a 

home tennis match. 

Top Right: Coach Diane Godwin gives her number 

three doubles team a talk during a break between gaines. 

Godwin plaved tennis at WV Weslevan from 1978 to 


Left: With great technique. Maryann Reiss volleys the 

ball back to her opponent. Photos by Paul Roncone 





2005 Baseball Team 

Front Row (L-R): Jason 
Kelley, Gus Fernandez, Ryan 
Conway. Joe Hoey. Justin 
Rozich, Mike Jackanich. 
Jordan Yanni, Rick Bergen, 
Christian Rosado. Middle 
Row (L-R): assistant coach 
Ron Clem, Dustin Schilpp, 
Steve Holdsworth, Jacob 
Driggers, Zack Reader, Chris 
Buncic, Bobby Prim, Nick 
Newberry. Craig Lett, Thomas 
Jarvis, head coach Randy 
Tenney. Back Row (L-R): 
Assistant Coach Brian Ford, 
Josh Norman, Art Yerecic, 
Craig Hriblan, David Beach, 
Aaron Gallagher, Eddie 
Hargro, Eric Stettnisch. 




Hitting and defense were the main ingredients for WV Wesleyan's Bobcats 
in the 2005 baseball campaign. Coach Randy Tenney's 'Cats averaged nearly 
ten hits and more than six runs per game in manufacturing a 24-14 record. 

As a team, the Bobcats belted the ball at a 312 pace, cracking out 354 hits 
in 1.133 official at-bats. 

Defensively, the Bobcats were guilty of only 63 miscues in 1,226 chances 
for a fielding average of 949. They turned twenty-two double plays. The 
pitching corps, although surrendering 4.90 runs per game, proved tough in the 
clutches. In 275 2/3 innings, the "Cat hurlers issued just 91 bases-on-balls. 
while striking out 205. 

Sophomore pitcher-outfielder Eric Stettnisch led the way at the plate with a 
sizzling 386 average. He pounded out 39 hits in 101 trips, including a team- 
high nine doubles and six homemns. He led the squad in runs-batted-in with 

Leading the mound staff was junior right-hander Art Yerecic with a 6-1 
record. He hurled 46 innings, completing three of his seven starts. He 
surrendered 62 hits and 27 runs, of which 22 were earned, walked only eight 
and struck out thirty-five. 

After a slow start, the Bobcats wound up second in the Southern Division 
behind eventual WVIAC Conference champion West Virginia State. 

The Bobcats knocked off the Concord Mountain Lions by a 2- 1 count in a 
"play-in" game to earn a berth in the final four showdown at Princenton's 
Hunnicutt Field. They then whipped Shepherd's Rams by a 7-4 margin but 
fell to West Virginia State's Yellow Jackets in the winner's bracket finals. 8-3, 
and were eliminated by the Davis & Elkins Senators, 9-6. 

West Virginia Wesleyan baseball was honored with five all-conference 
selections as voted on by the league's head coaches in Princeton. West 
Virginia. The following players were named to All-WVIAC Conference 
Teams: Rick Bergen, Eric Stettnisch, Justin Rozich, Art Yerecic, and Craig 


Pitcher Eric Stettnisch walks off the field after the 
Wesleyan defense completes the third out of the 
inning. Stettnisch is a sophomore from Woodbury, 
New Jersey. 



Left: Robert Prim shows a bunt but pulls back because of the bad pitch Pnm 
plays shortstop lor the Bobcats and had five stolen bases on the season 
BcIoh: Dustin Schiipp winds-up to deliver the pitch during a home baseball 
game. Schiipp completed the season with ten strikeouts. Photos hy Paul 

Lefl Centi'r: Dressed to perfection, the Wesleyan catcher warts lor 

the next mning to begin. 

Right Center: Diving back into first -base with helmet nymg. this 

Bobcat is safe as the throw is off the mark. 

Left: Several players watch from the dugout dunng a home baseball 

game. The Bobcat baseball team sticks together in and out of 


-\hove: Ready to start the game, junior Art Yerecic wanns-up his 

pitching arm. Yerecic lead the Bobcats with the most pitching wins 

dunng the 2005 baseball season. 



2005 Softball Team 
Front Row (L-R): Crystal Kramer. Jana White, Meghan Keith. Tricia McLister. Lara Foster. Alyssa Miller, Heather Hall. Sarah 
Baise, Ann Murray. Kareen Bilotta. Back Row (L-R): head coach Steve Warner. Cory Karcesky, Ashley Blandford, Miranda Durst,, 
Lyndsey Lemon. Kendall Pittock, Brittany Sphar, Colby Cooper, Lacy Stallings, Mandy Sansbury, Katharine Gritrm, student athletic 
trainer Krystal Savarino. head athletic trainer Wanda Swiger. 

rfior «Si 



After taking a one year hiatus from tournament glory. Wesleyan Lady 
Bobcat Softball returned to its familiar spot atop the league by out-gunning the 
West Liberty State College Hilltoppers 8-3 in Saturday afternoon's WVIAC 
Softball Tournament Championship in Vienna. WV. Wesleyan placed a 
tournament-high four players on the WVIAC All-Tournament Team. Sansbury, 
Baise. Keith, and Durst all received recognition for their outstanding weekend 
efforts. Wesleyan's tournament victory marked its third in the last four years 
and 12 th dating back to 1990. 

For the fifth year in a row. Wesleyan was one of six teams in the Great 
Lakes Region to make it to the NCAA Division II Regional Tournament, but 
for the fifth consecutive time the Lady Bobcats left the tourney without a date 
to the national championship. 

In much the same fashion as last year. Wesleyan (42-18) was eliminated 
from post-season play by a two-run single from the Northwood LJniversity first 
baseman in the bottom of the seventh inning. 

In 2004. the Lady 'Cats were victimized by an RBI single in the bottom of 
the eighth inning from Grand Valley State, knocking them out of the 

As impressive a season as the Wesleyan softball team had on the diamond, 
it was easy to forget that all twenty athletes doubled as students. Two Lady 
Bobcats will make such memory lapses tougher for the fiiture. 

Sophomore Kareen Bilotta (Fairmont. WV) and junior Meghan Keith 
(Morgantown. WV) eai"ned spots on the 2005 ESPN The Magazine Academic 
All-District II College Division Softball Teams for recognition of their 
excellence in both the classroom and on the field. Bilotta was named to the All- 
District First Team, while Keith was tabbed for the All-District Third Team. 

The Lady Bobcats finished their season with a very impressive 42-18 

Catcher Mandy Salisbury awaits the pitch while the umpire 
is ready to make the call, Sansbury is from Ripiey. WV and 
transferred to Wesleyan to be a part of the suceesl'ul softball 


Left: Pitcher Con Karccsky delivere a pilch during a home softhall 
game. Karcesky was named the 2004 VVVIAC Pitcher of the Year 
and compiled a 13-9 record in 2005. 

Below: Prepanng to slap-hit. this Lady Bobcat awaits for the 
opponent's pitch. Pholm hy Puul Romone 

Left Center: Miranda Durst gels the sign from coach Warner before 

stepping up to the plate. Durst was ver\ successful at the plate this 

season with thirty -two runs-batted-in. 

Right Center: On her way to third ..\shley Blandford picks-up the 

pace in order to safely secure the base. ,'\shley is a sophomore from 

Waldorf. MD. 

.\bove: Making a routine play . Heather Hall prepares to scoop up 

the grounder. 

Left: Ready to belt the ball to the outfield, this Lady Bobcat keeps 

her eye on the ball and is determined to be successful. In the 

offense category . the Lady 'Cats were ranked third in the nation. 



Below: Preparing to run a Tew warm-up laps, several of the Lady Bobcats discuss plans for their 
events during the home track meet. 

Right: Running as fast as possible, one Bobcat gives a look of determination during his event 
at the 2005 Bobcat Invitational. The meet encouraged several spectators who enjoyed the nice 
spring weather and the day's track and field events. 

T5oefe~"fb"T5ciefe Cro\A/n.s 

West Virginia Wesieyan Bobcats earned the men's and 
women's championships at the 2005 WVIAC Track & Field 
Championships, the second time the Bobcats have swept the 
conference meet in as many years. The 'Cats raced past WheeHng 
Jesuit 256-1 14 in the women's showdown, while they out-scored 
the Cardinals 215-121 in the men's competition and they 
brought home seven individual trophies. 

Wesleyan's own two-sport standout Frances Carvajal 
repeated as the Women's Field Athlete of the Year. The AU- 
WVIAC basketball player captured victories in the discus and 
shot put. The senior also placed third in the hammer throw. 
Cai'vajal was also named the WVIAC Women's Championship 
MVP. Additionally, senior Kelly Terhune was selected as 
WVIAC Track Athlete of the Year. 

On the men's side, freshman Josh Natah was named WVIAC 
Rookie of the Year and Men's Championship MVP. 

Veteran Wesieyan head coach Jesse Skiles was named by his 
peers as the WVIAC Coach of the Year for both men's and 
women's teams. A record number of athletes joined coach Skiles 
this year, forty-one men and forty women. 

Right Center: One of Wesleyan's own prepares to throw 

during tile javeiine event at the 2005 Bobcat Invitational. 

The Bobcats won both the men's and women's 

championships at the Invitational for the second year in a 


Right: Lady 'Cats patiently await their events. 


Track and Field 

2005 Track & Field 

Josh Abbott, Tim Andrew, Sloan Baisden, Zach Barlow, Zach Beckett, Tyler Blatchely, Josh Boone, Shane Bosley, 
Adiran Brown, Anthony Collins, Dylan Drinkard, T.R. Dues, Justin Faith, Jonathan Gohrband, Rico Greenhowe, 
Jason Gurney. Ryan Johnson, Dustin Jones, Chad Jordan, Michael King, Parrish Kittinger, Jason Koon, Stephen 
Link, Adam Mason, Leonard McLean. Jon Miller. Zack Morrison, Josh Natali, Adam Newman, Steven Nutter, Jared 
Oliver, Justin Rogers, Johnadam Romeo, Andrew Shingle. Woody Snoberger, John Thompson, Ben Vance, Jeremy 
Vickers, Daniel Watson, Tim Williams, Brad Wilt, Evan Wolfe, Stephen Zirilli. Brittany Amodio, Danielle Blonar, 
Cortney Bloomer. Caitlin Boggs, Frances Carvajal. Ahsley Chipley, Kate Clark, Lori CoflFman, Niki Daniel, Briana 
Darrin, Megan Doeherty. Lindsay Elkins, Leah Erenrich. Emily Facemyer, Celia Gottschling, Amadan Griffith, 
Stephanie Hatfield, Emily Henley, Brandi Jones, LaTora Kcigley, Sarah Kelley, Hannali Kovarik, Lauren Lombard. 
Michelle Mayhew. Beth McNeil, Vanessa Michel, Teal Morrison, LaShawna Moss, Jesse Natali, Danielle Painter. 
Caitlin Redding. Treasure Ridgway, Hanna Jo Robinson, Annie Schuerger, Dana Snyder, Missy Spangler, Laura 
Tamea, Stefanie Trifilo, Lisa Unger, Jill Walker, Nicole White 










^4kir 1 





rMQ M 


1 r WES'..CYAN 







Left: The Bobcat runner leads the way during a distance event 
while several runners tr\' to take the lead. As always, the Bobcat 
athletes make the event look easy and simple. 
Above: Trying to keep up with one another, two Bobcat runners 
sprint over the hurdles during their event. The two Bobcats would 
go on to place first and second in the event helping the men's track 
and field team win the overall championship award. 
Pholos hy Paul Ronconc 


Track and Field 


2005 Senior Student 
Athletic Trainers 

Rig lit: Travis Rommel. Beth 
Massic, Bri Bennett, April 
Bumell, and Bobby Smith. 
Tliese senior student athletic 
trainers are now eligible to take 
the national athletic trainers" 
certification exam after 

completing their course 

requirements at Wesleyan. 

Otftifette 4-f eofH^ Oore 

The athletic training major at West Virginia Wesleyan College is 
designed to provide students with the theoretical knowledge and 
understanding of the profession of athletic training. The major 
blends classroom instruction and structured clinical experiences 
through a process that results in the student gaining eligibility to sit 
for the National Athletic Trainers' Association Board of 
Certification examination upon graduation from Wesleyan. "An 
athletic trainer is a qualified allied health professional educated and 
experienced in the management of health care problems associated 
with sports participation." 

This fall, under the direction of Dr. Jeremy Sibold, the athletic 
training program received reaccreditation by the JRC-AT for a 
period of seven years. Twenty-seven students were enrolled in 
Wesleyan "s program this past year. Senior Bobby Smith was named 
WVATA Student Athletic Trainer of the Year and will return to 
campus in the fall to serve as a one-year intern. Previously, Smith 
had three internships with professional baseball teams, including 
Pittsburgh Pirates and Cleveland Indians. 

Several seniors planned to attend graduate school after 
Wesleyan. Two will attend graduate schools for physical therapy: 
Travis Rummel at Old Dominion(VA) and Krystal Saverino at 
Slippery Rock(PA). Tracy Tutt will attend physician assistant 
school in Maine. 

Sophomore Ashley Arnott received a NATA Scholarship for her 
achievements and Karen Eder interned with the Baltimore Orioles. 

Program staff members included Wanda Swiger, Rae Emrick. 
Brian Potter, and Tammic Hammon. Swiger accepted a position as 
Program Director at Huntingdon College in Montgomery, Alabama 
after she received her doctoral degree from West Virginia 
University in June. 

.\bove: Sophomore Tiffany Boeltz prepares the day's water 
hottlcs for the Bobcat football players. Keeping athletes 
well hydrated during practices and games is one key element 
tor effective athletic health care. 


Athletic Training 

Left: Program 
Director Jeremy Sibold 
assists football athletic 
trainer Nathan Sims 
and team physician Dr. 
Luke Pavlovich with 
this injured Bobcat 
football player. 
Left Center: 

Sophomore student 
athletic trainer .Ashley 
.Amott covers a tennis 
match. Students must 
acquire a significant 
number of hours with 
various athletic teams. 

.Above: Sophomore .Ashley Jones gains valuable athletic training 
experience assisting with football practices. She is prepared to bring 
water onto the field for the athletes during one of their breaks. 
Left: Staff athletic trainer Rae Emrick supervises program students 
while they cover various team practices. Behind her is a very tired 
student athletic trainer, senior James Edwards. 



Athletic Training 



Wesleyan is proud of its student-athletes and the 
success they enjoy in the classroom and on the 
playing fields and courts. They represent 
Wesleyan's balanced and successful athletic 
tradition. The 2005 season was no different as 
the Bobcats won WVIAC titles in softball, men's 
and women's track and field. Also, Wesleyan 
earned its 14th consecutive Commissioner's 
Cup. The Cup is awarded to the institution with 
the highest cumulative score based on the 
school's ranking after completion of each sport 
season in the WVIAC. 

Aboic; Women's LauioSbC tliib team al V\eble\an is m Us second year of 
competition The Lady Bobcats have set high-goals for themselves as 
individuals and as a team. With daily practices and running drills, the 
Bobcats enjoyed a very hard-fought 2005 season. 


Right: Track and Field at West Virginia 
Wesleyan College is a force to be reckoned 
with. With over sixty combined athletes on 
the men's and women's teams. Coach Skiles 
continued to lead the Bobcats to championship 
after championship in the WVL-'iC Conference. 
Above Right: West Virginia Wesleyan's 
baseball program recognizes a one hundred 
year history and the success keeps on growing. 
With outstanding coaching and good 
recruitment, the 2005 baseball team finished as 
one of the top teams in the WVIAC 


Sports Candids 

Below : A Bobcat hurdler leads the pack during this event. Track and Field 
head coach Jesse Skiles was named WVIAC Coach of the Year for both men 
and women teams. 
Pholos hv Paul Roiuoiie 

I H 

,\bove: Softball "Cats take a break in their dugout between innmgs. 
Left: This tennis 'Cat awaits his backhand return. 

Sporti Caiidids 


execute (vb) - to carry to completion; 
to do what is called for 




Throughout the year, the Wesleyan 
community exceeded expectations 
with the outstanding efforts of its 
administration, facuUy, staff, and 

Spring activities brought closure to 
the academic year. Significant 
announcements of President 
Haden's future retirement and the 
departure of long-time Dean of 
Students Trina Dobberstein 
mpacted the future for Wesleyan. 
\s members of the class of 2005 
^et out to execute their future 
endeavors, so did the Wesleyan 
family in its search for new 
[eadership for the college. 

Closing 129 

JAyi^arcCs Convocation 

Senior Activity Keys are 
awarded to the following: 
Adrian Brown, Heidi 
Burger. Kristen Buttermore. 
Susasn Marshall. Erica 








Smith. Robert Smith, Justin 

Spratt, Matthew Tolliver, 

and Sara Wood. 



Sal lie 



Right: Robbie Morris and 
Jeremy Spratt receive the Greek 
Man of the Year Award trom 
John Bohman, Greek advisor. 
Photos bv Paul Roncone 



Left Senior Academic Nursing Awards are 
presented to Brian Berr\ and Kristin Cantrell. 
Above: President Haden presents six Outstanding 
Senior Awards to Brian Berrv', Sarah Coyne, 
Jeffrey Isner, Caitlin Rexrode, Sarah St. Clair, and 
Allison Thorp. In order to be nominated, a 
senior must have at least a 3.5 GPA. 

Dean of Students T r i n a 
Dobberstein presents the 
International Student Ambassador 
Award to senior Hvun Joo Yoon. 

Community Council President 
Josh Thompson presents Dr. Eric 
Waggoner with the Outstanding 
Faculty .Award for 2005. 

Leanna Laskey receives the 2005 
Greek Woman of the Year Award 
from John Bohman. Greek 



Graduation Weekend activities included a Senior 
Picnic at Stonewall Jackson Resort, Baccalaureate, 
Senior Banquet, departmental programs, and 
family time. William O. Goodman, managing 
partner of Northwestern Mutual Financial 
Network of Atlanta, Georgia, gave the 
Commencement Address on "Your Verse... Your 
Choice". At the conclusion of the ceremonies, 
the Class of 2005 proudly joined the Wesleyan 
Alumni as the newest members of the Orange Line. 




On May 1, 2005 
members of the 

graduating class of West 
Virginia Wesleyan 

College gathered in 
Rockefeller Center to 
celebrate the end of their 
undergraduate education. 
Approximately two 

hundred fifty seniors 
received diplomas dunng 
the ceremony. 
Photos by Paul Roiicoiie 





The first day of school in grade one 

You're graduating from college 

And it seems like you've only just begun. 

Love you so much. 
Mom and Phil 



Kelly Conrad 

rveiiy »_.onraa j 

Ketty - K - KeiKei - KeOyCo. I 

You have always shot for the moon, but you have landed f | 
among the stars. You are the brightest stai' in the sky. 
Your light shines on others and makes their lives brighter. 
We are honored to be your parents and sisters. We love 

Mom, Dad. Jacque, and Carly 


napf)(f GtadiidtlMi vJitk aM mf in/e>, I cm 
f)>wad to- luv/t (joii aJL Mtj dauql/SJvi. m 
umttm u)kem Ua futlm takei ijow, lit 
aiwou^k be. 1hm huuk ifow--^uy (jow, 
iuppofituig cfoto, and muxviagiMg ifow. 
Coti^'iduAitlmi, I auiicy f}tmd of ijm. 
(Nov) cm, I kcu/e, uy cnMtuvd bam?) 

if ifowv umd can cmceivt It and ijowv 
lijRo/it can be&CJ/t (t, Um ym cm acldei/t 


Senior Personals 

Brian Vinson 

It's been quite a climb, but you Ve met the 

Congratulations on Reaching the Peak. 

We are so proud of you! 

Dad, Mom, Kristy 

Amy Ayoob 

Congratulations Amy 

We are so very proud of you and all that you have 


Love, Mom and Dad 

Taya Radabaugh & 
James Booker 

Congratulations on your 

graduation and as you begin 

your lives together. 

Love. Mom and Dad 

Heather Runser 


You've stayed true to your 


We are so very proud of you. 

All our love. 
Mom, Dad, Megan, & Gigi 

Senior Personals 


Meredith Hellstern!! 

We are SO proud of you. 

Mom and Dad 

Havaleh Havelka 

Congratulations, Havaleh! 

We couldn't be prouder of you. Remember 

wherever life takes you, we'll always be here for 

you, and may God be with you everywhere you go. 


Mom and Dad 

TW.'Ba^r:^^- ?■ 

tl^athizr Jordan 

Destined to Succeed. 
Clik Chic Photogi^aphy 

Smile and Say... 

That's our daughter and 

we are so proud of her. 

Heather, we love you! 

Mom and Dad 


Senior Personals 

Jamdd HoOanfl 

Con^atulaUlons Jame^ 

"Wishing you always: 

Walls for the wind 

And a roof for the rain. 

And drinks beside the fire. 

Laughter to cheer you 

And those you love near you. 

And all that your heart may desire. 

An Irish Blessing 

With Our Pride and Love, 
Mom and Dad 

Senior Personal 




Abbott, Josh 123 

Abner, Erin 79 

AbuBakir. Mary 104 

Agnew, Rebekah 38 

Aguirre, Daniel 73 

Allen, Jonathan 100 

Allison. Matthew 79 

Altizer. Adam 100 

Aman, Jon 102 

Amikura, Rina 20 

Amodio, Brittany 123 

Anderson, Ellen 60 

Anderson, Sarah 66, 74 

Anderson, Tim 100 

Andrew, Jonathan 42 

Andrew, Timothy 106, 123 

Aquhart, Gavin 102 

Aquilino, Michelle 20 

Amott. Ashley 69,71,72, 125 

Atkins, James 38 

Atkins, Sandra 69 

Aurelio, Shauna 53 

Ayooh, Amy 20 


Baden. Bob 79 

Baggers, Rezan 74 

Bailes, Chnstopher 73 

Bam, Kyle 110 

Baisden, Sloan 123 

Baise, Sarah 120 

Ballentine, Elizabeth 20, 74, 79 

Barlow, Zach 123 

Bartolmi, Meg 20,86 

Barton, Brianna 6 

Barton, Brianne 64, 73, 79 

Bates, Jack 79 

Bays, Sara 33 

Beauchamp, Robert 102 

Beavers, Leslie 87 

Becker, Matthew 66 

Beckett, Zach 106, 107, 123 

Beeby, James 54, 69, 70 

Belden, Megan 68 

Bell, Julie 114, 115 

Belt, Rebecca 20 

Bennett. Brianna 20, 72, 124 

Bennett. Greg 104 

Bergen. Ricky 67 

Bergeron. Jake 15 

Bemholc. Matt 112 

Berry. Brian 28, 131 

Berry, Michael 53 

Bess, Alicia 38 

Bilotta, Kareen 38, 74, 120 

Blake, Chris 42 

Blandford, Ashley 120, 121 

Blatchelv. Tyler 123 

Blonar. Danielle 20, 67, 68, 98, 107, 123 

Bloomer, Cortney 123 

Boateng, Kwame 53 

Bodnck, Tyla 79 

Boehz, Tiffany 38, 69, 72, 124 

Bogess. Ryan 79 

Boggess, Ryan 75 

Boggs, Caitlin 123 

Bohman, John 130, 131 

Book, Joey 64 

• 'VS^iA* *■■»-'* * J 

,. .j tefesifeig 

t— . -^. - ^■ 




Boone. Josh 123 

Bosley. Shane 93. 123 

Botkins. Zach 100 

Bowman. Jessica 38, 68, 69, 79 

Boxwcll. Katie 68, 74 

Boyd. Dylan 102 

Boyd. Ron 100 

Boyd. Ryan 92 

Bragg. Tim 90 

Brier. Jason 20 

Brosh. Ellen 65, 117 

Brown. Adrian 123, 130 

Brown. Doris 20 

Brown. Melissa 20, 67 

Broyles. Rick 69 

Bruen. Mary 20, 70 

Bruzda. Joe 110 

Buchanan. .Alicia 65. 76 

Buckalew. Megan 38. 69 

Buckley. Adam 38 

Burch.Mark 79 

Burger. Heidi 13, 21, 130 

Burgman. Keith 100 

Burgoyne, Cary 68. 74 

Burkland. Joseph 102. 103 

Bumell. ,\pril 21, 72. 124 

Bums. Andrea 79 

Bumside. Sara 79 

Burr. Erin 21 

Bush. Debbie 53.61 

Buttemiore. Kristen 6. 21. 74. 130 


Callahan. Jeremiah 66, 79 

Campbell. Robert 21, 100 

Cantrell. Knstin 131 

Carder. Brandon 39,69 

Cams. Nathan 66. 79 

Carothers. Canea 39 

Carpenter. Joshua 1 16 

Carr. Erin 1 1 7 

Carr. Marvin 52. 53 

Carter. Brett 100 

Carvajal. Frances 114, 115, 123 

Casto, Heather 104 

Cavey. Jason 39 

Chafin. Jared 112 

Chaney. Cara 21 

Chancy, Tara 27 

Cherry, David 21, 79 

Chi. Charles 100 

Chidester. Shannon 21 

Chipley, Ahsley 123 

Christian. Hannah 39 

Clair. Sarah 104, 105, 131 

Clark, Jenna 21 

Clark, Kate 123 

Clelland, Michelle 108 

Coates. Molly 89 

Coberly, Tessa 21,79 

Cockey, Drew 79 

Coffman, Lori 67, 123 

Coleman, Kati 39 

Collins, Anthony 100. 123 

Collins. Sara 108 

Collymore. Russell 100 

Condo. Zack 100 

Conklin. Blake 100 

Conley. Maureen 1 17 

Conlcy. Tiffany 39 

Conrad. Kelly 21 

Cooning. Peggy 5 I 

Cooper. Colby 120 

Cornfeld. Jeffrey 75 

Costa. George 79 

Coston, Herbert 53 

Coston, Phyllis 53 

Cotton. Shellic 104 

Cottrell. Kimberly 76 

Coughlin. Sean 79 

Cover. Stacey 79 

Cowart. Cameron 100 

Coyne. Sarah 21. 68. 131 

Craft. Alicia 89 

Creasman. Boyd 58, 61 

Crews. Chris 102 

Crews. Micah 102 

Cross, Kimberly 71 

Crowley. Janna 39, 68 

CuUen. Edward 102 

Curran. Amanda 66 

Currs. Michael 75, 102 

Cutright, Nickv 22, 68, 74 


Daniel. Niki 123 

Darling. Lucia 1 14 

Darrin. Briana 123 

Daugherty. Taylor 66, 71 

Davis. Amberly 66, 68, 74 

Davisson. Benjamin 39, 1 10 

Decker, Carla 108 

Dees. Caroline 53 

DeFoe. Mark 53 

Dclaney. Morgan 39 

DcLeurere. Zachary 22, 65 

Dennis. Laura 69, 79 

Dcutsch, Jackie 104, 105 

Dc\enuto. Mike 39.75 

Dick, Jennifer 73 

Dilley. Becca 60 

Dilley. Rebecca 66 

DiSimone. Justin 22 

Dix.Caitlm 22. 108 

Dobberstein, Trina 51, 64, 131 

Docherty. Megan 107, 123 

Donaldson. Gavin 102 

Donovan. Mike 100 

Douglas, Rachel 75 

Downs, Tiffanie 79 

Dozgic. Dino 102, 103 

Drinkard, Dylan 106, 123 

Drumm. Sean 100 

Dues. TR 100, 123 

Duncan. .Andrew 79 

Durst. Miranda 120, 121 


Eakin, Jeff 74 

Edwards, James 125 

Eggleton. Craig 64, 102 

Elkins, .\shley 22, 69, 74 

Elkins, Lindsay 123 

Ellis. Cole 112 

Ellison. Laura 39 

Emnck. Rae 125 

Endicott, Tina 22 

Engle. Adam 65 

Engleka, Kelly 22, 79 

Erennch. Leah 67, 107, 123 

Esaias, David 22 

Eskew. Philip 71. 73, 74. 79 

Evans, Chad 102 


Facemyer. Emily 114. 115. 123 

Faith. Justin 106. 123 

Fallot. Shelby 104, 105 

Farrell.Marc 102 


Faul. Amanda 74 

Feltrop. Zach 1 00 

Fielding. Stephen 22. 102, 103 

Findlcy. Sharon 86 

Fisher. Carrie 22. 79 

Foltz. Catherine 1 17 

Footc. Jason 65, 67, 99, 1 10, 1 1 1 

Ford, Sean 110 

Ford, Susan 1 14 

Fortncy. Shirley 51 

Foster, Lara 120 

Francis. Glen 1 02 

Francis. Russell 53 

Frankhouser. Emily 22 

Franks. Jeremiah 79 

Eraser. James 71. 1 10 

Fredrick. Jonathan 66 

Friend, Brenda 39 

Fritz. Jimmy 100 

Fnim. Karvn 69. 79 


Gardino. .Annalisc 73 

Gardino. Janine 73 

Gamett. Dureyea 112. 1 13 

Garrard. Jermaine 1 12 

Garton. Chris 79. 116 

Gaskins. Tony 100 

Gay. Ryan 22 

Gavmon. Mott 100 

Gerbasi, Emily 22. 75, 79 

Getz. Scott 79 

Gibson. David 100 

Gibson. Tiffany 69 

Gilchrist. Scott 110 

Giles. Alice 27,45 

Girogianni, Tom 100 

Given, Mary 39. 68, 69 

Glenney, Katherine 60 

Gliebe, Shelley 22 

Godwin. Diane 53. 1 1 7 

Godwin, Jeffrey 53 

Gohrband, Jonathan 106, 123 

Goodnch, Jennifer 19, 22. 70, 74 

Gorrell.Tara 74 

Gorsz. Tim 100 

Gottschling, Celia 1 23 

Gottschling. Liann 22. 67. 75 

Grab, Sarah 114. 115 

Graley. Amanda 42 

Greenherg, Carrie 69, 75, 79 

Greenhowc. Rico 123 

Gregg, Kathanne 54 

Gregg. Nathan 23 

Griffin. Katharine 120 

Griffith. Amanda 107, 123 

Grogg, Justin 100 

Gross, Josh 19, 27, 28, 64, 76, 1 16 

Group, Cara 39. 1 1 7 

Grubb, Sarah 23 

Guido. John 39,69 

Gumev, Jason 67, 106, 123 


Haas. Suzanne 54 

Haden. William 13, 19.50. 131 

Hall. Heather 1 20. 1 2 1 

Halle. Judith 54 

Hamilton, Robert 23 

Hanna. Emily 69, 7 1 

Hardy. Teer 79 

Harlow. Tyler 39 

Harper. Faith 40,68 

Harper, Katie 108 

Hartman. Adam 73 



Harvey, Lori 54 

Hatfield, Stephanie 107, 123 

Havelka. Havaleh 23,79 

Hay den. Crystal 40 

Havdcn, Spencer 64, 65 

Hayes. Kelly 40,65 

Heather. Runser 64 

Hcinrich. Monica 1 10 

Hellstem. Meredith 23 

Helnian. Sarah 69,79 

Helmick.CJ 102 

Hcna, Camolyn 40 

Henkkit, Monica 67 

Henley. Emily 123 

Hepinger. Evey 65 

Hibbert. Mike 100 

Hicks. Linda 55 

Higgins. Devin 67 

Higgins, Michael 1 16 

Hill, Justin 23, 100 

HilLKrista 69,73 

Himes. Michael 79 

HolTman, Kyle 116 

Hogg. Richard 23, 79 

Holland. James 23, 75 

Holmes, Arthur 55 

Holmes. Lamar 100 

Hoh,Zach 102 

Hoover, Keith 69 

Horn, Andy 100 

Hosni. Elizabeth 23 

Hudson. Jonna 108 

HulT. Shannon 79 

Hughes. Jeff 100 

Hughes, John 69 

Hull. Rob 64 

Humphreys, Cassandra 40, 74 

Hurley, Gretchen 79 

Hyde, Matthew 100 

Hvre, Whitnev 104 


Inge, Brian 112 

Ingram, Lynell 1 12, 113 

Isner, Jeffrey 6.23.27,33. 64, 70, 74,131 


Jackson, Amanda 69, 7 1 

Jackson, Jason 19, 79 

Jackson. Tivon 100 

Jennings, Chris 67 

Jiblets, Joseph 1 16 

Joel, Riggs 79 

Johns, Brandi 40 

Johnson, Crystal 98, 114 

Johnson, Eric 1 16 

Johnson. Natalie 1 10 

Johnson. Ryan 106, 123 

Johnston, .\ustin 100 

Jones. Ashley 72. 125 

Jones. Brandi 123 

Jones, Chad 100 

Jones, Dustin 123 

Jones, Jeremiah 23, 68, 69, 79 

Jones, Michelle 23 

Jones, Stephen 51 

Jordan. Chad 123 

Jordon. Heather 23 


Kanick, Meagan 23, 27, 67 

Karcesky, Casey 108 

Karcesky. Cory 120, 121 

Kasey, Marc 74 


Kato, Nozomi 7 1 . 74 

Kauffman. Heather 1 14, 115 

Kear, Kevin 72 

Keefer, Kristy 68 

Keigley, LaTora 107, 123 

Keith, Meghan 120 

Keller, Dayna 79 

Kelley. Caragh 40, 68, 76 

Kelley, Sarah 123 

Kesling, Brandi 72 

Kimes. Marc 100 

King, Denton 55 

King, Michael 106, 123 

King. Stacey 104 

Kinkead, .Angela 18, 64 

Kinser, Eli 13, 27, 64, 65, 78, 79 

Kirouac. Shawn 93 

Kisner. Jeremy 23 

Kissane. Bobby 100 

Kittinger. Parrish 123 

Kitzmiller. Seth 37,40 

Klebcz. George 55 

Klein, Melissa 108 

Knight, Christopher 79 

Kolsun. Phillips 76 

Koon. Jason 123 

Kotlarek. Michael 75. 79 

Kovarik. Hannah 107, 123 

Kramer, Crystal 41, 120 

Kramer, Kadra 67 

Kraus, Tyler 100 

Kravchcnko, Elena 114 

Kntzcr. Matthew 27, 28, 64, 79 

Krpicak, Beau 110 

Krutulis. Alan 100. 1 10 

Kuba, Shawn 55 

Kudilkova, Barbora 1 16. 117 

Kurtz. Jeremy 100 


LaFayette, Emily 74 

Lambert, Jayme 68 

Lambert. Melissa 74 

Lambert. Michael 79 

LaMora. Ray 67 

Lane. Nicole 23 

Langley. Corey 41, 69 

Lasinski. Brian 100 

Laskey, Leanna 131 

Lassiter, Glenn 100 

Laughery. Jessica 24, 27, 28, 67. 68. 69 

Lawson. David 100 

Leach. McUisa 69, 73, 74 

Leamy, Collette 73 

Leigh, Alice 55 

Leight, Susan 55 

Lemlcy, Courtney 41, 42, 71, 73 

Lemon, Lyndsey 120 

Leonard, Tom 55 

Leslie, Cary 7 1 

Levay, Joe 24 

Lewis. Jennifer 24 

Lindauer. Lance 42 

Link. Stephen 100, 123 

Loiacono, Megan 108 

Lombard, Lauren 123 

Long. Allison 87 

Lorusso, Harry 100 

Lotocki, .Andrew 102 

Loubier. Leah 76 

Loudin. Adam 79 

Lucas. Edward 1 12 

Lucas. Terence 100 

Luctte. Chris 100 

Lvnch. Jeremy 92. 100 

Lynch, Stephanie 24, 87 

Lvnn, Gretchcn 55 


MacDonald. Rukmini 24 

Mack, Dominick 93, 116. 117 

Mack. Jennifer 87 

Maditz. Emil\ 41 

Mahone\ . William 55 

Mallon, William 55 

Manchin. Rocky 112 

Mangano. Leann 6 

Mangen. Paul 55, 1 10. 1 1 1 

Mann, Jacquelyn 24 

Manspeaker. David 79 

Mannich, Kimberly 24, 79 

Marple, Danny 15 

Marshall, Susan 18, 24, 28. 69, 130 

Martm, Ashley 110 

Martin, Jennifer 74 

Martm, Judy 57 

.Martm. Kelly 19, 24 

Martm. Sarah 114 

Maniny , Adam 100 

Mason. Adam 123 

Mason. AJ 112 

Mason. Kelvin 73 

Mason. Kristi 57 

Massie. Beth 24. 72, 124 

Masuga. Melissa 110 

Mathlin. Kelly 74 

Mayes. Elisa 114 

May hew. Michelle 123 

Mazzarelli. Chris 102 

McCafterty. Father 66 

McCallen. Stacy 24 

McCallion. Conor 102 

McCarron. Drew 110, HI 

McCauley. Sara 72 

McClure. Allison 24 

McConnell. Katie 68,69 

McCrostie. Janice 75 

McCullough. Ryan 100 

McDonagh. Michele 88, 108 

McGowan, Brian 102 

McGrcw, Paula 57 

McKee. Kiera 41,79 

Mc Kinney, Judith 57 

McLean, Leonard 41, 70, 71, 73, 75, 123 

McLean, Margaret 24, 74 

McLisler, Tricia 120 

McMinn. William 24 

McNeil. Beth 107, 123 

McPherson. Piper 41 

Means, Carol. 57 

Megert, Eric 94 

Meikle. Andrew 102 

Mellquist. Helen 5" 

Melton. Jesse "^ 

Merlie. Jared KI2 

■Merrill. Jennifer 104 

Merrills. Austen lOd 

Michel. Vanessa 123 

Milanese. Alex 41, 69 

Milanese, Erica 24, 65, 69, 71, 74, 130 

Miles, Julie 13,75 

Miller, Alyssa 24. 120 

Miller, Amber 25,73 

'Miller, Barry 67 

Miller, Brett 66. 79 

Miller. Charles 57. 1 1 2 

Miller, Jonathan 106, 123 

MUler. Mary 60 

MUls, Brad 102 

Misumi, Kosuke 41 

Montgomery . Harry 1 10 

Moore. Elisabeth 79 

Moreman. Ian 72. 102 

Morgan. Emily 79 

Morin. Monica 1 10. 130 

Moms. Danielle 41. 66, 74 

Morris, Kathryn 73 

Morris. Katie 1 9 

Moms. Lydia 41.69. 79 

Moms. Robert 18, 27, 64, 130 

Momson, Teal 73, 123 

Mornson. Zack 123 

Mortensen, Nicky 69 

Moses. Tyrone 100 

Moss, LaShawna 123 

\Iuniz, Jon 100 

\1 urphy, Jackie 88, 1 08 

Murray, Ann 120 

\Iutani, Karim 74, 75 

Mvlan. JT 100 


Nale, Sarah 69, 79 

Natali. Jesse 1 23 

Natali, Josh 123 

Neasc. Beth 79 

Negley. Kenneth 25. 65. 71 

Neiwadowski. Megan 86 

Nelson. Kristin 25 

Nelson. Paul 1 16 

Nesbith. Sam 79 

Nevius, Lauren 25 

Newman, Adam 123 

Nicas, Michaela 104 

Nichols, Stephen 1 1 2 

Nicks, Marcus 1 12 

Norman, Josh 67 

Nutter, Jesse 25, 74 

Nutter, Steven 106, 123 

Nutter, Tabitha 67 


OBnen, Kate 41 

O'Neill. Brian 66 

OSullivan. Kelsey 25. 79 

Ogorzalek. Lindsey 25, 69 

Okada. Sadahiro 41 

Olcott. Jessica 41 

Olcott. Joshua 1 16. 130 

Olinda. Daniel 102 

Oliver. Duncan 1 1 6 

Oliver. Jared 106. 123 

Omori. Norio 25. 79 

Oppe. Elizabeth 61 

Oreskovich. Katie 69. 79 

Otani. Kanako 104 

Overton. Br^an 101 


Pack, Andrea 41 

Page. Michael 102, 103 

Painter. Danielle 107, 123 

Park-Reynolds, Bess 3, 60 

Parsons, Larry 51, 52 

Parsons, Taran 41 

Patterson. Bob 79 

Pauley. Valarie 69, 74 

Pavlovich. Luke 125 

Peak. Jessica 25, 27, 28, 67, 68, 69, 130 

Peck, Brian 65 

Petito, Mike 100 

Pctitto, Karen 57 

Phetphongsy, Siliphone 104 

Phillips, Vicki 57 


♦•■W ..'/■•'. ' 1 L'^/i. SiUJ^9 

Phittayasri, Niphon 102 

Pilato. Toni 79 

Pinilla. Christopher 43 

Pittman. Wendy 43, 76 

Pittock. Kendall 120 

Poling, Mikaela 43 

Popivchak. Stephanie 42 

Popson. Bert 57. 75 

Porter. Nancy 57. 76 

Powell. Donny 1 10 

Powelson. Amy 43 

Powers. Candice 43 

Poweston, Amy.. 75 

Pratt. Evan 43,69 

Pnce. Paul 100 

Prim. Robert 119 

Pnnce. Ashleigh 73,74 

Procknaw, Teraria 43 

Puente. Alex 100 

Pyles. Angelia 25 


Quadros, Marie 25 


Raber, Justin ^ 1 

Radahaugh. Taya 68, 69, 70 

Rawlings, Kara 78, 79, 87 

Rector. Joseph 100 

Redding. Caitlin 123 

Reed. Anna 73. 79 

Reed. Larry 75 

Reed. Rachel 74 

Reed. Stephanie 25 

Reid. Patnce 70 

Reiss. Maryann 1 1 7 

Remy. Celise 70 

Rexrode, Caitlin 3, 25, 75, 79, 131 

Rhoades, Heather 43, 79 

Richards, Sallie 25, 65. 69. 70. 79. 130 

Richmond, Meagan 43, 73 

Ricks, Timothy 43,69,71 

Ridgway, Leah 123 

Riffle, Jessica 43, 69, 71 

Ritchie, Jonathan 43, 69 

Robbins, Ashley 114 

Roberts, Travis 25, 65 

Robertson, Ashley 71 

Robinson, Hanna 69, 107, 123 

Robinson, Jamaal 100 

Rodvelt,Shari 69 

Roeder. Brittany 114 

Roeth. Josh 100 

Rogers. Justin 93, 106, 123 

Rogers, Robert 43 

Rojer, Heath 75 

Romano, Rocky 71,90 

Romeo. Johnadam 123 

Rommel. Travis 1 24 

Roncone. Paul 43, 68, 69, 76 

Roots, Lauren 79 

Rowley. George 102 

Rummel. Travis 25. 72 

Runkle. Laura 69. 73 

Runser. Heather 26. 27, 28, 69, 74, 79 

Rupp. Robert 59 

Ryan, Andrea 68 

Saeki. Tomoe 43 

Salomon, Michelle 69, 75, 79 

Saluja, Neal 6, 116 

Sansbury, Mandy 120 

Savarino. Krystal 104, 120 

SchauUs. Kelly 104 

Schilpp. Dustin 26, 1 19 

Schmitt, Richard 52 

Schoeneberger, Kristen 74, 75 

Schuerger, Annie 107, 123 

Schwcrtfeger, Jacob 102, 130 

Scott, Matt 79 

Sears, Holly 43 

Seckman, Douglas 26, 79 

Sekiguchi, Izumi 26 

Shaffer, Natalie 79 

Shawver. Ronald 26, 75 

Shenk. Mike 66 

Sherpa, Mingma 44 

Sherpa, Tsering 44 

Sherwood. Amy 68 

Shingle. Andrew 123 

Shinners. Richard 100 

Shires, Natalie 26 

Shockey. Amanda 26, 33, 45, 69, 74 

Shockey, Jonathan 100 

Shumate, Kaitlyn 108 

Sibold. Jeremy 59, 125 

Silva, Tyler 100 

Simmons. Brandon 100 

Simmons. Jennifer 58 

Simmons. Kate 79 

Simons. Esther 44. 68 

Sims. Nathan 125 

Sincck. Greg 73 

Sites. Lesle 74 

Sjostedt, Jennifer 79 

Skavenski, Ashley 26 

Skinner, Bob 58 

Sluss, Amanda 44, 73 

Smallndgc. Jeremiah 79 

Smallwood. Wes 100 

Smith. Amanda 26, 108, 109, 130 

Smith. Bobby 26, 72. 124 

Smith, Bonnie 59 

Smith, Catherine 26 

Smith. Christopher 112 

Smith, Del 100 

Smith, Enca 44 

Smith, Logan 44,79 

Smith, Nicholas 44, 66, 69, 71 

Smith, Raschid 26, 70, 100 

Smith. Robert 130 

Smith. Sarah 44 

Smith. Sharon 59 

Smyth. Caitlin 108. 109 

Snobergcr. Woody 106, 123 

Snyder. Dana '23 

Snvdcr. Kyle 75 

Sow.Cheiich 102 

Spagone. Michael 45 

Spangler. Missy 123 

Spencer, Andrew 79 

Spencer, Kim 68 

Spencer. Kimberly 26 

Sphar. Bntlany 120 

Spratt. Justin 27, 130 

Spratt.Mica 77,79 

Squires. Duwane 51 

Stallings. Lacy 26, 120 

Stanley, Cameron 79 

Starkey. Miranda 26, 74 

Starks, Chelsea 71 

Staten, Domonique 100 

Stayer, Tara 69 

Steele, Jacob 13, 65, 76 

Stein, Scott 100 

Stemple, Elizabeth 26 

Stemple, Eric 45 

Stettnisch, Eric US 

Stewart. Joshua 29 


Stewart, Kari 69, 73 

Stone. Brenton 45, 75 

Stout. Heather 74 

Stout. Sarah 68 

Stnckiand, Lindsay 104 

Struble. Bill 100, 101 

Slruhle. Luke 100 

Stubhs. Joshua 79 

Stupiea. Adrian 100 

Sulli\an. Jeanne 59 

Summers. Harold 100 

Surbaugh. Jared 100, 101 

Sutler, Shanna 104 

Sweeker. Christina 45 

Sweet , Cody 79 

Swiger. Sarah 79 

Swiger. Wanda 59. 1 20 

Sw ishcr. Charles 29 

Sworden. Nick 100 


Taell. Jeda 75 

Tamea. Laura 123 

Templin. James 79 

Tench. Richard 9. 45. 64. 1 16 

Terasaka, Tomohiro 29 

Terr\. Field 100 

Testa, Tony 100 

Thacker, Victor 59 

Thcihen,Mar>- 117 

Thomas, Jerel 1 12 

Thomas, Kasie 104, 105 

Thomas. Leon 29. 70. 79 

Thompson. Breann 45, 69, 79 

Tliompson, Christie 29 

Thompson, Josh 79, 106, 123, 131 

Thome. Kelley 29 

Thorp. .Allison 29. 69. 70, 79, 131 

Tiheno, Dana 69,73 

Tiberio, Lauren 68 

Tierney, Steve 1 14, 1 15 

Tolliver. Matthew 65, 75, 130 

Tnl'ilo, Stefanie 107, 123 

Trimboli, Vincent 75 

Tropea, Joe 100 

Trusler, Marjorie 59 

Tusing. Daniel 29,68 

Tyler, Jessie 28, 44 


Underwood, Kelly 45, 73 

Underwood, Lee 1 16 

Unger. Lisa 123 


Vance, Ben 100, 123 

Vamer, Chance 100 

Vickers, Jeremy 100, 123 

Vignola, Kelly 67 

Villella. Leslie 76 

Vinson. Brian 29 

Viviano. Brian 94 


Wade. John 110 

Waggoner. Eric 52. 131 

Wagner. Lydia 75 

Waldeck. Derek 29 

Walker. JUl 45, 106. 107. 123 

Wallace. Luke 100 

Walls. Joshua 29 

Walsh. Lindsey 69 

Warner. John 59 

Warner. Steve 120 

Waters. Janelle 70 

Watson. Daniel 100, 123 

Watson. Demck 79 

Watson. Jelani 99, 112, 113 

Way, Christopher 66, 79 

\\a\bnght, Rachel 71 

\\ c.iver. Heather 74 

W ceks. Richard 59 

W clhver. Kenneth 59 

\\ cstem. John 79 

White, Jana 120 

White, Nicole 123 

Whitehair, Michael 29 

Whitlock, Marjorie 29 

Whitlow, Kathryn 79 

Wiest, Joseph 75 

Wilbum. Darren 100 

Williams, Cn. St al 29 

Williams, Max 100 

Williams, Tim 1 23 

Williams, Tom 60 

Wilson, John 100 

WUt, Brad 123 

Winovich, Ted 112, 1 1 3 

Wise. Tracie 45, 69 

Wolfe, Evan 123 

Wood, Sara 29, 69. 71, 130 

Wovchko, Ed 59, 73 

Wnght, David 100 

Wnght, Jerry 79 

Wvnn, Brandi 1 14, 115 


Yerecic, Art 119 

Yoon, Hyun 131 

Young, Linwood 75, 79 

^'oung. Michelle 104 

Young. Ryan 100 

Younkin, Melissa 9. 76 


Zachary, Karl 73 

Zeigler, Eric 27 

Zirilh, Stephen 45, 1 23 

Zirkle, Abby 104 



-2005 Murmurmontis Staff- 


Editor: Joshua Gross 

Co-Editor (Fall Semester): Caragh Kelley 

Adviser: Nancy Porter 

Workstudy: Wendy Pittman 

Photographers: Paul Roncone & Seth Kitzmiller 

Staffers: Alicia Buchanan 

«e nmety-n^^Hl^^vesrvifgmia Wesleyan s 
urmon. ited by Taylor Publishing 

^nv in Dallas; Tpyp«; ii-sinp Flitp Vi<Ninn for 

Windows 2000. 000 copies of the 9x1 ; 

ye„.„^'Ok contain 144 pages printed on 80# enamel. 
The Sbver is lithocote with a gloss laminate finish. 
The endsheets are plain white. The opening section 
and tlie senior section are the two four-color 
signatures in the book. Spotcolor is process blue #9 
and is used in various sections of the book. Lucida 
alligrapfry' Italic_i^e font iS;, usedf on the cover, 

lout the book. Portrait aftri 


^ ,y Studios in Medina, ^ Ohio. ., ' 

photographefe Paul Roncone, Seth KiAniller 
Bill Mahoney provided the majority of the 
Digital pictures were used from several depc 
websites and the office of Q)llege Relatioi 
2005 theme "Exceeding Exp^yiions" was tii 
Josh Gross and^Caragh Kell4J^pecial thank yous 
to Doug an^ Margaret ' Richardson, Tay 



contacted by phong at (304) 473-8482 or by ei 


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